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a La MaMa Umbria International project
realized with the collaboration of the Comune di Spoleto
and numerous associations of the territory.

La MaMa Spoleto Open 2013 is an event organized by La MaMa Umbria International, artist’s residency, research and production center founded by Ellen Stewart (formerly founder and artistic director of the Theater La MaMa E.T.C. in New York) in Spoleto in 1990. The event, organized in collaboration with the Municipality of Spoleto and the involvement of many local associations and international partners, aims at stimulating the town to open up and come alive, creating an atmosphere of curiosity and excitement, to give support and visibility to emerging realities on the Italian and international arts scene.
For the 2013 edition, the La MaMa Umbria Center will host the company of Irina Brook in residence, for the preparation of the new production of La Trilogie des Iles, which will debut with its première at the Festival of 2Worlds. It will also start new collaborations with the Academy of Dramatic Arts in Rome, Teatro la Pergola and the Cultcube Association of Florence for the project Florence for Fringe. Another inauguration is for the Art Talks, a series of lectures/talks about the art of theater, held under the patronage of the International Institute of Theater.
Thanks to the collaboration with the Association Il Borgo and the involvement of some catering establishments in the area (Ristorante 900, Pizzeria Rosticceria Zeppelin and the Cioccolateria Mirco della Vecchia) the Piazzetta in Via dei Gesuiti will become one of the Festival’s reception and meeting places: a point for the tasting of typical local products, wines and desserts, an active and lively space with live music and performances of various kinds, a reference point for the public and the artists, open to young people, tourists and all citizens.
This year´s program includes a selection of proposals for theater, dance, music and visual arts, including some artists who won the international tender in 2012. These have been invited to carry out creative Residences at La MaMa Umbria, so as to create new works that will be presented in world premières in Spoleto.


Friday 28 June at 22:30
Saturday 29 June at 20:30
Sunday 30 June at 17:00 & 22:30

Cantiere Oberdan
Company La Capra Ballerina (Puppetry)
By and with Laura Bartolomei and James Davies
The company presents two of their repertoire performances. A small theater in miniature visually extraordinary, suitable for both children and adults. Almost completely without words, the music and silence are the support for the actions of the characters, manipulated on sight. An exhibition of puppets produced by the company in recent years, will accompany the shows. The puppets will be set up and displayed in the performance space, along with some sketches and drawings of stage design.

Wednesday 3 July at 22:00
Thursday 4 July at 18:00
Friday 5 July at 22:30
Saturday 6 July at 18:00

Cantiere Oberdan
Association Cultcube / Foundation Teatro della Pergola
Under the patronage of the Comune di Firenze
written, directed and interpreted by Maurizio Lombardi 
"Fists of sulphur" is an intense monologue in Italian and Sicilian dialect. Set in Italy at the end of 1800,it tells the story of a boxer’s childhood, with dreams, fears and games to escape death and the descent into the hell of the sulphur mine. Here the "carusi", children of seven or eight, break their backs to bring sulfur to the surface, the new wealth in Sicily. The text was inspired by a poem of the great Sicilian poet Ignazio Buttitta (1899 - 1997), entitled "A li matri de li carusi", accusing these children’s mothers who sent them underground, deprived them of the sunlight and a real childhood. The scene, bare, is filled by the actor Maurizio Lombardi, a versatile artist, who here plays multiple characters in a show that uses the body as a narrative tool.

Friday 5 July at 18:00
Saturday 6 July at 22:30
Sunday 7 July at 17:00 & 22:30

Cantiere Oberdan
Text by Mia Parissi
Director and lighting by Nerina Cocchi
With Giovanna Scardoni
Scenery and costumes by Giulia Pecorari
Music by Davide Fensi
Virtual orchestration and sounds by Michele Busdraghi
Photography by Andrea Messana and Marco Borrelli
Video by Daniel Pinheiro
It is the voice of a woman that is asking us to open our eyes on feminicide, on this violence that isolates, that limits, that kills. Written by Mia Parissi, staged by Nerina Cocchi and starring Giovanna Scardoni, this monologue is also a journey of the body and the emotions for the spectator. The score of text and music, as opposed to that of the movement of the actress in the midst of a scene of fragments, allows the viewer to live a fracture of his own story and feeling. Guiding him between images of bones that break and green eyes that pierce the heart, and express the beauty of the human spirit that animates us, and raises us, all, "Ni una ms" becomes a visceral experience, rhythmically precise and shocking that poses the issue of the eternal conflict between fear and action, desire and wisdom. All this to ask ourselves, truly, what is a "victim"? Where is the dividing line between "no" and "yes"? Where is it that we lose the consciousness of humanity in ourselves and become "victims", but also "executioners", of others and of ourselves?

Tuesday 9 July at 18:00
Wednesday 10 July at 22:30
Thursday 11 July at 18:00
Friday 12 July at 22:30

Cantiere Oberdan
Singing Actors, Seoul (Korea)
and Cole Laptop Ensemble, California (USA)
New musical vignettes
Directed by Byungkoo Ahn
Music Director Martin Herman
A new operatic experiment, composed of a series of dramatizations which last 5 minutes, various Art Songs (Lieder).
Singing Actors is an experimental group of musical theater, from Korea, a collective made up of very talented singing actors, all with a classical music training. Their goal is to seek new forms of musical theater, different from the traditional operatic repertoire. The productions of Singing Actors were successfully represented at the National Korean Theater on two different occasions.
Love and Dream, painted with Songs is the second part of a production divided into three parts, a series of musical vignettes that will be developed in Residence at La MaMa Umbria, thanks to the collaboration with the Cole Laptop Ensemble of Los Angeles. These musical vignettes are mini dramatizations of traditional opera arias. Singing Actors integrates these songs with impressionistic scenes written by the director Byungkoo Ahn and sound environments created by Cole Laptop Ensemble. These non-narrative frames present moments of real life, which take inspiration from a character, or an idea, borrowed from the best-known musical literature.
The Cole Laptop Ensemble is a group of composers/performers/audio engineers, based in Long Beach, California, which explores the boundaries between sound, contemporary art, computer music, video art, interactive performances and technologies. Recently, the Laptop Ensemble was invited to the Festival soundwalk 2012 and MERGE Festival in Long Beach. It also performed for the celebration of the hundredth birthday of John Cage, with a series of concerts in Los Angeles, taken from the selections Songbooks I and II. The ensemble is directed by Martin Herman with Seth Shafer and Zach Lovitch, assistant directors and technicians. Nick Venden specialized in theater and video production, video and interactivity. Performers are Glen Grigio, Matteo Lourtie, Eric Malczewski, Justin Scheid, Justin Kennedy and Nick Venden.

Tuesday 9 July at 22:30
Wednesday 10 July at 18:00
Thursday 11 July at 22:30
Friday 12 July at 18:00

Cantiere Oberdan
Idiot Savant/Ludwig
from George Dandin by Moliere
With Pier Paolo D’Alessandro, Matthieu Pastore, Laura Serena, Simone Tangolo, Anahì Traversi
Translation Matthieu Pastore
Scenery and costumes Eleonora Rossi
Assistant to director Mattia Sartoni
Director and dramaturgy Filippo Renda
The reference textbook is George Dandin by Moliere, re-translated and re-adapted, focusing on two key issues. The first is that of infidelity, as the only way to progress and elevate the quality of life. The second is that of coherence of judgment. When one is present or becomes aware of a conflict between two opposing forces, man tends to sympathize with one of them and consequently has an aversion to the other, in short, tends to distribute justices and abuse. The set design is very essential: the house of Dandin, a toy house, the terminal where arrivals, departures, hidings, pulpits are interwoven in the dramatic plot. The costumes will be set in the 60s, just like the music, ironic, surprising and disturbingly candid.


Sunday 14 July at 18:30

Estelle Parsons
Dan Saffer
The first in a series of events with international guests, theater professionals who will hold higher education courses at the Centro de La MaMa Umbria. During these encounters, the artists will talk about their idea of theater, presenting their work and answering the audience’s questions. The goal is to reveal, through engaging and fun informal conversations, the creative process of artists, making it accessible also to non-experts.


(Piazza San Gabriele dell’Addolorata, behind Santa Maria della Piaggia)
inauguration Friday 28 June at 17:00

Virginia Ryan
Virginia Ryan is an interdisciplinary artist born in Australia, who was formed in Australia and Italy, which has become her second home. Ryan has worked internationally for over thirty years, creating a variety of works of painting, photography, sculpture, installations, personal exhibitions and collaborations with other artists, anthropologists and musicians. She currently lives and works between Italy and Ivory Coast.

Sylvestre Zorozo Bruly Bouabre 
Sylvestre Bruly Bouabré was born in 1973 in Zepreguhé, near Daloa, Ivory Coast. Son of the renowned artist Frédéric Bruly Bouabré, aka Cheik Nadro, he approached art assisting his father from an early age. He continued with his painting and is present in several collections on the Ivory Coast. Sylvestre is president of the Bruly Bouabré Association. The exhibition of Sylvestre Zorozo Bruly Bouabre is curated by Virginia Ryan.

The Mayou
along Corso Garibaldi ART IN THE WINDOW
inauguration Friday 28 June at 16:00

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