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Progetto Miniera
Thomas Otto Zinzi


Voices from the belly of the Morgnano mine

PROGETTO MINIERA in collaboration with Spoleto 56 Festival dei 2Mondi

by and with Thomas Otto Zinzi

and with
Marco Ubaldini, Giuliano Volpinari, Guglielmo Frabetti
Virginia Ferruccio, Giulio Sirolli, Giulio Gorissen, Eleonora Di Raffaele, Edoardo Riganti Fulginei, Fausto Manasse
the miners of Morgnano
Altero Magna, Benigno Fabbi, Giuliano Del Bello, Giuseppe Marchettini, Stelvio Murasecchi
and the participation of a group of foreign guys, guests of the Caritas of Rome centers, in special events
with the collaboration of the Associazione Amici delle Miniere and the Comune di Spoleto

organization Progetto Miniera Marco Ubaldini
dramaturgy assistance Guglielmo Frabetti
scenic consultation Marimao
lighting and sound Mauro Giovino
assistant director Giuseppe Bisegna

text, conceived and directed by Thomas Otto Zinzi

before and during the days of the performance the actors and miners will come into contact with the Festival audience across brief hints of the show brought into the streets and squares of Spoleto.

a special thanks to Gladis Grossi, Roberta Maio, staff Bar Miniere di Morgnano, Bruno Mattioli e tutti i minatori di Morgnano, Gianni Petroni e la sua fornace, Giuseppe Tubolino, Ottorino Neri e tutto lo staff organizzativo del Festival dei 2Mondi, Marino Bonizzato, Maurizio Vitri.
Thanks to my mother Rosa and her town Recale, Nadio La Gamba and all migrants that host in his heart, Almerina Buzzati, Mary Pat Nick Liza Carlo Nicky Dennis Giovanni MGrazia, Davide, Silvia, Mda, MT, PP, PF, SA, MS Santuario Collevalenza, Gianfranco e Graziella, Gibby Lucia Chiara Cristian, Gabriella Molcsan, Anka Kiss ,Enza V, Pamela P, Paolo G, Adriana, MTeresa, Elisabeth, Dr Capriotti, Dr Basili, Dr. Maggi, Dr.Margheritini, Alessandra Marazzi, Luisa&Yvonne, Aline, Tatiana, Simonetta, Ahmed, Alessandro C, Tiziana M, Pino Daniele, Marcello Grossi, Sita, Cesare M, ElsaJutta, Rose, Isle de Saint Louis Paris, Vipiteno, Capodrise, Padre Domenico, Rita Ciotti, Riccione, Dallas, readingglasses.com, SS3, Peugeot 406SW, Bar della Contessa, Stanìs ,my father Luigi in the Heaven, Zì Vincenza, Bertino, Suor Ausilia, Astolfo, Leonardo,Gabriel Romanian miner who lives at the Mather Teresa of Calcutta Sisters.

The Thomas Otto Zinzi photo is made by Giuseppe Bisegna


"I am looking for the polar star, the compass is not enough, I have to look with eyes that mysterious and romantic light which
is kindled every night beside the moon. When I get old I must not forget that star, especially when hope will need it."

The mouth of the mine has been closed for more than fifty years, but the voices from the belly of the earth are still heard. They are the voices that continue to dig into everyday life, between the memory of long years of suffering and great aims.
Two worlds, one below and one above the earth of Spoleto and Italy, an original script was created after a series of on-the-spot investigations and interviews that brought to light the brotherhood, pride, pain and the days of hope for the Morgnano miners and their families.
The show has its scenic space at the mines (Orlando well) and in the surrounding places (the furnace), a story that is still alive and universal of miners above and men below the floor of the world, at a depth of three hundred and fifty meters from our life. On stage there will be a group of miners and the participation of a group of unaccompanied foreign minors, guests of the Caritas of Rome centers in special events.
Thomas Otto Zinzi

"... one night while he was finishing his shift, he dug so deep into the layer of coal that he managed to see the sky through a hole under his feet. At first he thought that the mine had turned upside down and as a result the sky as well, but taking a good look, it was the same sky that was three hundred and fifty meters further up, with its stars, the clouds and the moonlight. In short, all the things of heaven in their right place. So? Was it possible that he had made such a deep hole that went from one side to the other side of the earth? Impossible. And then? He rubbed his eyes and looked into the hole again. There was no doubt, it was actually the sky. Okay, strange things did happen in mines, but this, then .... He looked into the hole again. It was actually the sky, an upside down sky. He would have given all the gold in the world to have had someone close to him that could share that absurd vision, but it was at the end of the shift and the others had already gone up to the surface, he was the only one missing, being the chief portal he would have gone up last."

"What is storytelling for? What’s the need of giving examples? Do we tell stories for ourselves or for others? It is ... that the mouth opens and out comes ... the soul! We show our teeth, tongue, eyes with those movements of the hands, those contractions of the abdomen. We are in this infinite constellation of human beings for a moment. In that moment there is life and death, hope and resignation, there is a hand that looks for another one in the acceptance of a life full of calluses, cuts and light tremors."

He was born in Rome from Luigi and Rosa Zinzi, Italian-American immigrants, on February 28, 1960, the youngest of four brothers after Pasquale, Nicholas and Mary. Theatre Director, actor since 1977,he graduated from the School of Techniques of Performing Arts in 1982. He founded and directed several Theater Workshops in Italy. He currently directs the Workshop Il mestiere dell’emozione. He has taught acting at the Nazarene College in Rome in collaboration with the ETI school from 1994 to 2007 and at the University LUMSA of Rome from 2003 to 2005. As an actor he was directed, among others, by Claretta Carotenuto, Lucio Chiavarelli, Alfio Adrover in theater and in films by various directors, including J.M. Sanchez, M. Monicelli, F. Vancini, M. Guglielmi, C. Lizzani, F. Rosi. He was assistant director for Italy of the English playwright Arnold Wesker. After a series of meetings at Giorgio Strehler’s Piccolo Teatro in Milan with Tino Carraro and Carlo Battistoni and having graduated in Directing at the Claretta Carotenuto’s School of Techniques of Performing Arts, in 1986 he directed about sixty performances including some new features for Italy such as Alfonso and Clotilde by C.M. Varela, Visi noti sentimenti confusi by B.Strauss, Ragazza che precipita by D. Buzzati and some elaborations such as L’altra Madre percorso attraverso il dolore delle madri in Pirandello and La Visione del pensiero percorso dal teatro al cinema by L. Pirandello. He collaborates with the Fondazione Ippolito Nievo within the ambit of Literary Parks where he directed, among others, Viaggio Sentimentale for three days and two nights in the places of Montefeltro mentioned in the Three Parts of the Divine Comedy. For two years he participated in Paris in the Seminars of Marcel Marceau, a student among others of Luisa Poselli in Theatre Motion and Education. In the Literary circles he has won 2 Mer Awards with his short stories published. The Pagine editions published his poems in the Dizionario dei Poeti and in several books. One of his texts has been selected by Aldo Forbice and published in the book dedicated to the tragedy of September 11 entitled Ondate di Rabbia e di Paura. On the occasion of the centennial of Dino Buzzati’s birth he conceived and directed La Milano dei Tartari, eight shows set up in places of the author’s inspiration (Teatro alla Scala, palazzo Brera, Planetario, Monumental ...) taken from the novels, stories and crime news in collaboration with Progetto Italia, Stanislao Nievo and Fondazione Ippolito Nievo.
In 2008, he directed Anna Màlvica in his text Mamma Randagia (indicated to the Ferse Prize, 2011)
In 2010 he wrote and directed Rinoceronti in Rome at the Academy of Romania.
In 2011 he directed and starred with Marco Ubaldini and Guglielmo Frabetti in IONA by M. Sorescu.
In 2013 in Montevideo, Uruguay, for the first time his text Mamma Randagia translated into Spanish Mama’ Vagabunda, will be staged and directed by the playwright Carlos Manuel Varela.
He directs the Theatre Workshop for political refugees at the Caritas in Rome.
In 1998 he founded PROGETTO MINIERA,a work team composed of performing arts professionals who, across workshops, performances, readings and research delve into the emotion and the depths of the Soul.
On September 20, 2004 he won the First Prize in the VALLECORSI National Theatre with his text IO e TE which he withdrew in Pistoia on December 12 in the Ansaldo Breda Factory. The text was published in the journal Hystrio (Oct.-Dec.2004) and debuted for the first time at the Teatro del Tempo of Parma on March 31, 2006.
The excavation work that an actor performs daily in search of the truth of the character remains in the Soul of the viewer and shapes the scenic space.
Actor and director take the audience into the action which is decided by instinct across a daily construction of Emotion.
The Theater is Work in the Mines Th8Z GL.
Miniera di Morgnano
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