SERENA AUTIERI A SPOLETO56 - Di due mondi ce n’è uno
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Irina Brook


Three stories about revenge, forgiveness, love and freedom

a project adapted and directed by Irina Brook

by Pierre Marivaux (new production)
characters and performers
Iphicrate Hovnatan Avedikian
Arlequin Jeremias Nussbaum
Trivelin Augustin Ruhabura
Euphrosine Isabelle Townsend
Cléanthis Ysmahane Yaquini

by William Shakespeare
characters and performers
Caliban Hovnatan Avedikian
Prospero, Stefano Renato Giuliani
Ariel Scott Koehler
Ferdinand, Trinculo Jeremias Nussbaum
Miranda Ysmahane Yaquini

after Homer
characters and performers
Professor, Tiresia, Marine, several roles Renato Giuliani
Marine, Poseidone, Hermes, several roles Scott Koehler
Ulysses, Telemachus Jeremias Nussbaum
Penelope, Poliphemus, Circe, Lotofaga Ysmahane Yaquini

assistant director Geoffrey Carey
company manager Renato Giuliani
set design Nolle Ginefri-Corbel
sound design Samuel Serandour
lighting design Thibault Ducros
stage manager / props master Philippe Jasko
production assistant Angelo Nonelli

production coordinator Virginia Forlani

production CRT Artificio Milano
in coproduction with Irina’s DreamTheatre Parigi
in collaboration with Spoleto56 Festival of 2Worlds

in French with Italian subtitles

An Odyssey is particularly recommended for children and families.


Irina’sDreamTheatre invites you to join us as we travel from island to island on an action-packed quest, a journey of self-discovery.
Each island draws us into a different world and atmosphere, but beyond appearances, beyond the sand, the sea and the blue skies, we find that in each of the microcosms we are confronted by profound questions about our humanity, our emotions and our behaviour.
We follow Ulysses on his mythical adventures as he tries to find his way home; on the way, we see him escape the intoxicating lure of the Lotus-eaters, outwit the blood-thirsty Cyclop, resist the call of the sirens, and almost succumb to charms of the sorceress Circe, before reaching his beloved family in Ithaca. This is a journey of wits, of challenges, of passions and of the senses.
At the end there is no pity for Penelope’s suitors; no forgiveness. Only revenge.

Next, we find ourselves shipwrecked on Prospero’s Island: this is a seemingly enchanted place, full of music and magic. But there is a darker side to what we first perceive, as this island is controlled by a powerful tyrant: the esoteric magician-chef Prospero. Its sole inhabitants are his daughter, Miranda, the monster, Caliban, and a spirit of the island, Ariel, young people who all, in their own different ways, share one and the same dream: to escape Prospero’s patriarchal domination to gain independence and freedom.
This island provides a deeper question into the heart of man: how do we allow those we love to be free, to be themselves; how do we use or abuse our power over others? And ultimately, can we forgive and let go?

Finally, we have a crash-landing on the Island of Slaves. This is a clearly an utopian island, ruled by idealised values of justice and equal rights, inspired by the thinking and writings of the Age of Enlightenment. This is a place where social experiment is deemed necessary for the common good. Here we find a mysterious  ruler , Trivelin. An ex-slave who has made it his life-search to study people’s behaviour: when masters and slaves land on his island, he tests them by reversing their roles in society, with the ultimate hope that this exercise will  cure  them from selfishness.
On this island, we can dream of a world where kindness, generosity, compassion and forgiveness count above anything else.

Daughter of director Peter Brook and actress Natasha Parry, Irina Brook is a child of the theatre. Born in Paris, she spent grew up between England and France. At eighteen, she went to New York to study acting with Stella Adler and began acting Off- off -Broadway. Back in Paris, she performed in The Cherry Orchard under her father’s direction at the Bouffes Du Nord. She then moved to London and acted in film, television and numerous theatre productions. She directed her first production A Beast On The Moon by Richard Kalinoski, in London in 1996. She realized immediately that her real vocation was directing, not acting. This was followed by Madame Klein and All’s Well That Ends Well. In 1998 she created the French version of A Beast On The Moon at the Theatre de Vidy -Lausanne, then at MC93-Bobigny and finally , after an international tour, at the Theatre de l’Oeuvre in Paris. She received five Moliere awards (including best direction and best show). She also directed the television version, for which she received the Prix Mitrani. She was then invited by Ariane Mnouchkine to work with the troupe of the Theatre du Soleil. They restaged a french version of All’s Well That Ends Well at the Avignon Festival. In 2000, she staged Katherine Burger’s Resonance at the Theatre de l’Atelier, and received another Moliere award and the SACD prize Nouvel Espoir ( Best Newcomer). She created a one hour version of Homer’s Odyssey for the Festival of Sartrouville.( for young audiences). After this came Juliette and Romeo at Vidy - Lausanne and the Thétre National de Chaillot in 2002; Bernard Friel’s Dancing at Lughnasa for Vidy and Bobigny , which also was invited to play in Tokyo. She directed Tennessee Williams’s The Glass Menagerie at the Theatre de l’Atelier, Brecht’s The Good Person Of Schezuan at Lausanne and Chaillot, which then toured for a year. Next came Thornton Wilder’s The Bridge at San Luis Rey at the Thétre Vidy-Lausanne and the Thétre de Sceaux , and The Island of Slaves by Marivaux at the Thétre de l’Atelier.
In 2006, Irina was asked to recreate her The Glass Menagerie with Japanese actors at the New National theater of Tokyo.
She created En Attendant le Songe (Waiting For The Dream) in 2005, her version of A Midsummer’s Night’s Dream for six men, first produced by the Dedans-Dehors Brétigny Festival and then the Villeneuve les Avignon before a French and European tour and a month at the Bouffes du Nord (December 2007). The production has played over 300 times in France and all over the world, including in Canada and New York. She then put together her own company, in association with Olivier Peyronnaud and the MCNN ( Nevers): La Compagnie Irina Brook and they created Somewhere a Mancha, inspired by Don Quichotte, for Villeneuve-les-Avignon in July 2008, and then in Paris and on tour. Her first opera was The Magic Flute which she co-directed with Dan Jemmett, for the Dutch Reisopera, (conductor Ton Koopman.). Next came Eugene Onegin at Aix-en-Provence followed by La Cenerentola at the Thétre des Champs-Elysées, the Teatro Comunale of Bologna and the Royal Opera House in Stockholm. She also directed La Traviata in Bologna and Lille. And Haendel’s Giulio Cesare at the Thétre des Champs-Elysées. In 2007, the Teatro Real of Madrid invited her to direct Il Burbero di Buon Cuore by Martin y Soler. This was revived in 2011 in Barcelona. Since 2009, her company has been touring all their productions: An Odyssey, En Attendant le Songe, and Somewhere la Mancha. The company created Tempete!, taken from Shakespeare’s Tempest. Irina put together a new show in 2010 in NY at La Mama: La Vie Materielle, with texts by Marguerite Duras and VirginiaWoolf and live original music by Sadie Jemmett. In 2011 she created Pan, her version Barrie’s Peter Pan, at the Theatre de Paris. In July 2012 she was invited to Salzburg Festival to create Ibsen’s Peer Gynt for the Salzburg Festival, and also to show her company’s Tempest!. This year she has re-imagined her company under the new name of IRINA’S DREAMTHEATRE, in collaboration with Parisian producer and literary agent, Marie Cecile Renauld and Marie-Astrid Perimony. She recreated La Vie Materielle this January 2013 in France with the MCNN, for a small tour. After her partecipation to Spoleto56 Festival of 2Worlds with The Island Trilogy, next April 2014, she will direct Donizetti’s L’Elisir D’Amore for the Berlin Deutschesopera and Don Pasquale at the Vienna Opera in April 2015. In 2002, Irina Brook was named Chevalier des Arts et des Lettres by the French Minister of Culture.

I was born on the edge of the world and would have fallen off it had I not found a little place on the world’s stage. As soon as I could, I left Australia and travelled throughout Europe, Asia and the USA, meeting lots of different performers from theatre, dance and puppetry. For me the theatre has always been about meeting, an exchange of the same time and space, of direct contact between people, no matter what type of performance one makes, no matter where one is from.

I grew up in a large armenian family of labourers, artists and doctors.
Meals, meetings, feasts played a very important part. Acting quickly became a way of expressing myself. A language.
My journey is made of exceptional encounters and mutual trust with a number of different stage and film directors. The first one of them was Irina Brook with whom I still work, it goes without saying how powerful the ties are between us
I feel at home on a theatre stage or a film set (more than I do in my own home).
What remains of oneself is what we give to others. My dream is to continue to believe that everything can still change.

Like most people, I was born. Instead of screaming I peed right after coming out of the womb. I knew right away that I had to make them laugh. This was in a provincial bourgeois milieu in Germany in the 80s, people clearly weren’t having enough fun. I’ve always been on stage, even if the stage was sometimes just the corner of the living room. As a teenager I started shooting short films. When I was nineteen I moved to Paris. Here I was lucky to be part of some exciting film projects as an actor while working on my own stage projects and short films.
I act, I write, I film. I like to walk. I like to watch living things live. I still don’t know how death feels like so I don’t know if I will like that. I will let you know as soon as I find out. My dream is so lifelike I don’t want to wake up yet!

It’s because I became a model from a young age working from one end of the planet to the other and found myself one day on a film set that I was drawn to the stage.
When it happened, it was such a revelation that it became a necessity and a fundamental part of my life.
What new found freedom to express myself through body and voice!
I also understood that through theatre I could convey this sensation to a young audience by bringing my one woman show into their school to share a profoundly moving experience through an artistic adventure and make a difference in their lives. 
I am now setting sail with Irina’s Dream Theatre. It sounds like the title of a film, a play or a book.
But it isn’tit’s my lifeor am I dreaming ?

"Daddy, I’d like to be a singer"
"Never, my son : no entertainers in our family."
So I left all that behind me.
Then, at the age of 30, just in order to have a slightly less boring life, I joined a theatre company ; it was somewhere over there, far, away , in Africa, in Rwanda where I was born; to perform in a light comedy.
And at that specific moment, at last, life became beautiful; the miraculous poison of the stage got into my veins and never left me.
With some downs, but with so many wonderful ups, among which the luck of coming across Irina and the luck of still being around her for so many years now.
My dream is : to play, to be happy, to share happiness, for ever and ever.

My CV, my life, my work.
I was born in Paris in a Moroccan family at the beginning of the 70’s, where we had no books, no theatre, no cinema... one can imagine the explosive effect it had when I announced to my family that I wanted to be a clown. Despite all this I stayed true to my faith and since then something has changed in my family’s spirit . My faith brought me towards the theatre, my desire to share, to understand the complexity of this world and the humans in it to be a channel with my voice, my body and my emotions
and so when one chooses this path , doors are opened and meetings are made ; beautiful artistic meetings with directors and above all beautiful meetings between human beings because for me there is not one without the other.
Meeting Irina Brook was one of these beautiful encounters.... this was 13 years ago and since that time, this family, so original, so unique is a part of my life. My dream is that it continues to grow forever.

Fallen onto the stage from a very young age, I swam in various theatrical styles : classical, clown, mime... During this long voyage I have met some very nice people, some grand masters. Theater has for me always been a social, human, cultural and spiritual engagement. Besides my work as an actor, I have created numerous plays, operas, short-films. My dream is my life and my work who continue to walk towards the light
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