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A solo symphony

by Sarah Kane

with Micaela Esdra

directed by Walter Pagliaro

production Associazione Culturale Gianni Santuccio
scenic plant by Walter Pagliaro
assistant director Ilario Grieco
translation Barbara Nativi
costumes workshop "La soffitta"
photographer Mattia Simoncelli

4:48 Psychosis is a deed of faith and complicity towards theater and at the same time, a shout of anger against the world. In this work Sarah Kane continues her way of progressive disintegration of dramatic structure that she had begun in her previous experiences. In "Psychosis" are no characters, but voices that tell, shout , suffer and even play crossing each other and stealing each other time. Fragments of experiences, memories, smells and sensations, came back in a sudden chaotic way, without an apparent logic but all united by a common denominator: sorrow. No stage directions, no scenography, in this latest Sarah Kane’s performance. Theater as a rough and absolute cavity, no suggestions, no consolation, no illusions. So disappears the punctuation and even the setting of the written page undergoes continuous tremors, typographical earthquakes, as if words came off automatically from their natural context, rising to an independent living, as stones to throw against someone. Theater can, knows and must throw its provocations, its stones against conformists. Otherwise it’s life is useless.Every process of evasive edulcoration, rewarding respectability, civic composure, success, integration in the institutions, is the real grave of theater.

She was a student of Rina Morelli, but has never studied acting. She made her debut in theater when she was only 13 in the Il Giardino dei Ciliegi/The Cherry Orchard by Cechov, directed by Luchino Visconti, in the role of Anja. On this occasion she meets Rina Morelli and many of the most important Italian drama actors who will become her teachers and idols. In fact, she is still a teenager when she acts in many television dramas such as Creatura umana by Calvino, with Salvo Randone, Beatrice Cenci by Moravia with Gianni Santuccio, La Fastidiosa by Brusati with Lilla Brignone, Uno sguardo dal ponte/A View from the Bridge by Miller, with Raf Vallone, L’inserzione by N. Ginzburg with Adriana Asti, Morte di Danton/Danton’s Death by Buchner with Gastone Moschin and then Luisa Miller by Schiller, Casa di bambola/A Doll’s House by Ibsen, I Nicotera with Turi Ferro and Gabriele Lavia, Philo Vance with Giorgio Albertazzi, Nero Wolfe with Tino Buazzelli, Remember Mama with Andreina Pagnani, La volpe e le camelie by Silone with Lauro Gazzolo and many other prestigious works.
She is still a child when she understands that the only way to become an actress is to listen to the teachings of the Masters. At the same time she begins working in movies.
We recall: Made in Italy by Nanni Loy with Anna Magnani, Le adolescenti by Gianvittorio Baldi, Operazione Paura by Mario Bava, Un fiocco nero per Deborah by Marcello Andrei; Altissima pressione, a musical directed by Enzo Trapani.
But her passion for theater and for humanism brings her onto the best Italian and European stages, directed by Giorgio Strehler, Franco Enriquez, Massimo Castri, Luca Ronconi, Terry Hands, Antonio Calenda, Walter Pagliaro, always in leading roles.
We also mention: Electra by Sophocles, at the Teatro Greco in Syracuse; Medea by Seneca at the Teatro Antico in Segesta; Celestina by De Rojas, Teatro di Roma; Phaedra by Racine, Accademia Nazionale di Arte Drammatica; Il Campiello by Goldoni, Piccolo Teatro in Milan; Stella by Goethe, Piccolo Teatro di Milano; Illusion Comique by Corneille, Piccolo Tteatro in Milan; Il Malinteso by Camus and Porta chiusa by Sartre, Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria; The Bacchae by Euripides, Teatro Greco in Syracuse; Ajax and Trachis by Sophocles, Teatro Greco in Syracuse; L’accompagnatrice by Nina Berberova; The Marquise of O. von Kleist and Miss Else by Schnitzler at the Teatro dei Documenti of Luciano Damiani, in Rome; and countless other performances.
She has received: "Premio Associazione Nazionale dei Critici" for Miss Else; "Premio Flaiano per il Teatro" for Miss Else, "Premio Ombra alla carriera" at the Teatro Greco in Syracuse.
She is one of the most important and significant voices of Italian dubbing, giving voice to international actresses including Kim Basinger, Jessica Lange, Winona Ryder, Sharon Stone, Marg Helgenberger, Helena BonhamCarter, Jane Birkin and many others. She has received an Oscar for the dubbing of Kim Basinger in L.A. Confidential.

Walter Pagliaro, director, architect, professor, was among Giorgio Strehler’s closest assistants for ten years and with him, he debuted at the Piccolo Teatro of Milan with Waiting for Godot by Beckett and l’Illusion Comique by Corneille. Since then, Pagliaro has produced more than 100 shows of prose and opera. Amongst his works: The Prince of Homburg and Amphitryon by Heinrich von Kleist at the Teatro Stabile in Genova; Timon of Athens by William Shakespeare at the Teatro Stabile in Turin; Il malinteso by Albert Camus and A porte chiuse by Sartre at the Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria; La governante by Brancati and La Mennulara by Simonetta Agnello Hornby at the Teatro Stabile in Catania; Literature by Schnitzler; Praga magica by Ripellino; La Cagnotte by Labiche for the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto. In 1995, with Micaela Esdra, he founded the Associazione Culturale Gianni Santuccio, with whom he staged: A Doll’s House by Ibsen, Antigone and Electra by Sophocles; Time and the Room by Botho Strauss; L’accompagnatrice by Nina Berberova; Miss Else and Countess Mizzi by Schnitzler; Phaedra by Racine; Phaedra’s Love by Sarah Kane; The Destination by Bernhard, etc.
Among the Opera: The Ring of the Nibelung by Wagner at the Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari; Norma by Bellini at the Teatro Massimo in Palermo; La Battaglia di Legnano at the Teatro Bellini in Catania and the San Carlo in Naples; La Clemenza di Tito by Mozart at the National Theatre in Prague, the Petruzzelli in Bari and the Teatro Comunale in Modena; La Favorita by Donizett, La Molinara by Paisiello at the Teatro Comunale in Modena and La brocca rotta by Testi at the Teatro Comunale in Bologna.
San Salvatore
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