The "Paolo Ettorre – Socially Correct" association was founded to commemorate Paolo Ettorre, who, during his thirty-year career in the advertising agency Saatchi & Saatchi, always distinguished himself for his awareness and commitment to social issues, promoting numerous cause-related campaigns.
With the intent to continue this commitment, each year the association promotes a competition, addressed to students enrolled in marketing and communications courses, which has the objective of developing of a campaign on an issue of social importance. The winning campaign gives the creative couple the opportunity to carry out an internship in the creative department of the Saatchi & Saatchi agency.
The theme chosen for the 9th edition of the competition is one of great importance: the elimination of gender differences and stereotypes.
A stereotyped vision of  "male and female" roles, often limits the effective progress towards gender equality and precludes women job opportunities and social/cultural advancement. As well as limiting effectual male "integration" and participation in family life, the persistence of prejudice and stereotypes, on which a sexist vision of women is founded, is at the base of the phenomenon of violence against women.
The interiorization of gender stereotypes occurs during the very first phases of life, in the family where mothers and fathers tend to project onto their children the boy or girl image that constitutes the basis for their individual personalities. Thereafter, in school, cultural obstacles dictated by stereotypes can also influence educational choices.
The elimination of gender stereotypes is fundamental to combat every form of violence based on socio-cultural models of men and women, to eradicate prejudice, customs and traditions and other practices based on the idea of female inferiority or stereotyped roles for women and men. 
The free patronage and support of the Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri - Dipartimento per le Pari Opportunità guarantee, through the diffusion of the campaign as part of its institutional communications activity, the objective of implementing a cultural change in society on the issue of "gender differences" with a strong message: give value to equality to attain acceptance of differences. Men and women are different, but equal in their roles, desires and opportunities. The sole objective is personal development.