"A Window on Two Worlds"

to Alba Rohrwacher

Seventh edition of the award established by the Monini family to honor the international talent of one of the protagonists of the Festival and that of a young artist.

This year the winner is Alba Rohrwacher: the young Italian actress will receive this prestigious Prize from the hands of Maria Flora and Zefferino Monini and, as usual, will look out of the window onto Piazza Duomo from Casa Menotti to be portrayed in the ritual which has now become a symbol of the Festival. It is the same gesture that Gian Carlo Menotti performed every year to greet his public, and since 2010 when the Monini Prize was founded, has also been carried out by John Malkovich, Adriana Kučerová, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Willem Dafoe, Tim Robbins and Juliette Gréco.

Alba Rohrwacher will receive a sculpture in silver and olive wood made by Professor Giuseppe Bevilacqua from the Institute of Art in Spoleto which reproduces that famous window, while the portrait of the actress at the window, taken by the great photographer Fabian Cevallos who has chosen Spoleto as his second home for years, will be included in the photo history of the Festival. "Right from the beginning the objective of our Prize was to enrich the gallery with great figures from the world of art and international culture - recalls Maria Flora Monini -  A way of transmitting the artistic greatness without borders in form or nationality, that has always distinguished the Festival year after year, like a common thread".

Alba’s sculpture can be added to her enviable prize-list, reflection of a career that has earned her leading roles in over 35 films in just 12 years, working with major Italian directors like Avati, Bellocchio, Soldini, Lucchetti, Garrone and Costanzo. With the latter, she starred in Hungry Hearts, the role for which she was awarded as Best Actress at the 2014 Venice Film Festival. With her sister Alice Rohrwacher as director she played in "Le meraviglie" (The Wonders), a strongly autobiographical film starting from the description of the family of beekeepers where the sisters actually grew up. 

Even during the Festival, Casa Menotti will be open with free admission. In 2011 it became the seat of the Documentation Center of the Festival of Two Worlds after being purchased by the Monini Foundation, presided by Maria Flora Monini. In addition to the memorabilia of the Maestro and the extraordinary digital archive dedicated to the history of the Festival, it will host concerts of young artists who will have the privilege of playing the Maestro’s piano.

Casa Menotti - Piazza Duomo
26 JUNE 11:30
26 JUNE 12:30
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