This year as well, the Festival of 2Worlds meets the young students in Spoleto summoning them to rediscover the cultural identity connected to the creation and development of the Festival of Spoleto.
The Festival offers children and young people a number of initiatives, structured according to age groups: the project We are the Festival, courses of drama education, alternation of school-work and promotions on the shows dedicated to young people.
The theme of the project this year too, The discovery of Theater, is an invitation to seek, understand and reconstruct the history of the Festival across the various venues of the town where the event has taken place for over half a century. Spoleto, Theatrical Town par excellence, is endowed with stunning scenic spaces which seem to be created to house the event. 
The objective of the project is to involve young people and children so as to reflect on the inseparable bond that exists between the town of Spoleto, its territory, its community and the Festival of Two Worlds.
We are the Festival, therefore, aims at being an opportunity to rediscover the town through stories and memories, documents and archive material, a chance to experience the Festival and contribute to its actualization. 
In the previous editions the schools worked on the professions of the Festival, the family memories, the historic exhibition "Sculptures in the city" of 1962, on the venues of the town, which seems like a big stage.
In this edition the suggestive Roman theater, witness of Roman Spoleto, will become the stage for the meetings of the young participants of the project, who will have the opportunity to learn about history, architecture and the structure of the theater itself, while having fun.
The young visitors will be accompanied to discover the beauty of the theater by the high school students of the classical, human sciences, artistic and linguistic lyceum "Sansi - Leonardi Volta" of Spoleto, within the ambit of the project "Guides of the territory". On the basis of their experience, the young students will be asked to produce individual or group work within the class, with the help and the coordination of the teachers, creating all kinds and forms of art: written compositions, graphs, audiovisual and digital projects.
The awarding ceremony for the participants of the project will be held on Thursday July 7 at the Teatro Romano.
The workshop settings will be mainly recreational. In fact the project will become like a game which deepens the children’s knowledge, but also develops their perceptive capacity, fantasy and creativity, helping them to communicate, to express themselves and to become acquainted with the theater, its structure and its history. These things are fundamental in order to become regular, prepared spectators as adults.
The Roman Theater, inserted in the complex that houses the State Archeological Museum, is indeed one of the most fascinating places of the town, natural scenario of dance performances during the Festival of Two Worlds.