For over half a century, the Festival of Two Worlds in Spoleto has been one of the major international cultural events and home to artistic excellence from stages all over the world and from all sectors of the performing arts. The event includes sections of opera, music, dance, theater, visual arts, as well as being a space for numerous side events such as film festivals, theater workshops, conferences, encounters, awards and social events.
In recent years there has been evidence of its strong growth in terms of public attendance and focus from institutions, artists, operators, businesses and the media which has meant the assertion of the Festival of Spoleto as a world-renowned event and an occasion not to be missed.

Since its 2014 edition, the Foundation, the managing institution, has recognized the need to promote, enhance and commercialize the events also as tourism, through new forms of offers which allow spectators to experience the Festival in an even more active and enthralling way.
Thus, the collaboration with the Cooperative Museum System, which has been active for over 25 years in the cultural and tourist services, has given rise to the exclusive experience proposal. 

Alluring trips that combine the passion for theater, music and dance, with the discovery of the landscape and architecture on an experiential scale, give an opportunity to stay in the territory and in a town of art like Spoleto through an authentic, original journey: a concept offer which aims at promoting and commercializing the Festival of Two Worlds and the town of Spoleto as exclusive destinations.

The tour operator and travel agency Jazz Travel & Congress in Spoleto, the project partner who has extensive consolidated experience in the tourism sector, provides the technical organization and selling of tour packages.
Package trips, private tours and exclusive visits focus on the tourists and Festival guests through the narration and fascination of the venues, the enchantment of the art, culture, enogastronomy and tradition.

This proposal aims at enforcing and enriching the extraordinary cultural offer by creating new, qualified opportunities for guests, extending the attractiveness to the many worlds that revolve around the Festival and the town of Spoleto: an immersion into a lifestyle and everything that constitutes its identity and nature. 

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