Solo and duo Piano

piano and music Enrico Pieranunzi

special guest Simona Severini


piano solo
Don’t forget the poet
Come rose dai muri
Si peu de temps
Castle of solitude
Anne Blomster Sang

duet with Simona Severini
Just a song
Premier moment
Fairy flowers
Io non saprò mai perché

An entrepreneur outside the box, pioneer of the Italian pharmaceutical industry who had the future of the industry and his country at heart, acute mediator in the political-institutional world, cultured man, fond of modern art and Jazz music, in 1989 Claudio Cavazza established a cultural sodality with the Festival of Two Worlds which lasted about twenty years. His innovative attempt to create dialogue between Science and the Arts, conceiving and promoting Spoletoscienza the scientific section of the Festival, emerged as one of the major events dedicated to the scientific and epistemological issues of our times. His children want to recollect those moments and offer Spoleto a display of their affection with the jazz concert by Enrico Pieranunzi. 

Since his first appearances in the distant ’70s, Enrico Pieranunzi has maintained a privileged relationship with the piano solo, which has been his place of reflection, terrain of experimentation and effective communication instrument. In his various songbooks he nonchalantly puts together his original compositions, improvised pieces, well-known American standards and diversions in the classical sphere. Pieranunzi’s latest recorded work is "My songbook" which gathers 11 compositions by the pianist, also author of the texts. In some pieces, he is flanked by the singer Simona Severini.