Tim Robbins voice and guitar

Roger Eno musical director, keyboards, mandolin and other instruments 
Rory McFarlane bass
John Pinter multi-instrumentalist 
Chris Spedding guitar
David Robbins guitar and percussion
Martyn Barker percussion 
Noel Langley trumpet

production The Actors’ Gang
in collaboration with Change Performing Arts

Music has always been a part of Tim Robbins’ life, we can say it is inscribed in his DNA. He is the son of two folk musicians, his father Gil - a member of the group The Highwaymen - and his mother Mary. He grows up in the 60s in the Greenwich Village of New York City, a hotbed of American countercultural activity which influenced the entire second half of the twentieth century.
Having achieved international fame as an actor, director and film and theater author, Tim Robbins has privately continued to cultivate his passion for folk and rock music. This until 2010, when thanks to the collaboration with music producer Hal Willner he released his first album, Tim Robbins & The Rogues Gallery Band, with songs composed by him and interpreted with his unmistakable voice.
The many projects and commitments in the film and theater industry make his concerts rare and memorable events, like the only date in Spoleto next June 26, when Tim Robbins will be joined by the musicians of the Rogues Gallery Band: Roger Eno, Rory McFarlane, John Pinter, Chris Spedding, Martyn Barker, Noel Langley and the musician and author of soundtracks, David Robbins.