Reading between telling and singing

directed by Maddalena Maggi
texts selection by Maddalena Maggi

Iaia Forte, actress
Elena Somarè, whistling
Lincoln Almada, paraguayan harp / percussions

produced by Skydancers - Gruppo Hdrà

"In the beginning was the Lord,
soloist of the creation,
musician of the  universe
- And that through his residual breath he animated man.
Zephyr copied unsuccessfully  his hiss,
but only the human whistle would have been
the plausible imitation
of the divine breath"

Valentino Zaichen

The whistle is a sound , a mysterious sound.  Is not a song is not a tool, unusual in music.
It is as playing with closed mouth, in secret. It is a strange sound, always hovering between pure note and shrill note. The whistle cannot  be set as the voice, in the whistle  there is  the soul of the person, without filters.
Among all sounds it is the most human, the less infallible.
In the east, the singing of birds is considered the voice of our soul, and birds are the means by which  soul is reunited with God: the show brings on stage a dialogue between the human voice of Iaia Forte and the bird-soul, through the melodic whistle of Elena Somare, accompanied by musician Lincoln Almada.
The director Maddalena Maggi worked on some texts of various literature, to create a bestiary devoted to the winged beings that dot the literary works, poems and essays of the most different cultures and eras; from Mansfield to Cantarelli, from La Capria, Trilussa to Loria.
An  imaginary "Volario" a mixture of anecdotes, stories and poems that are a little funny, a bit’ troubled; that make you doubt on the border between truth and legend. It  is a journey through the symbols, myths and legends evoked by these creatures.
Arm in arm to the word and to the stories, the music and the melodic whistle, to make sure that the stories have their soundtrack played live. Three characters on stage, united by the common thread of the narrative texts.

Sala Frau
08 JULY 20:00
09 JULY 17:00
one seat € 25,00

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