by Euripides
macaronic translation and adaptation by Enzo Siciliano

with Francesco Siciliano
director Francesco Siciliano
scenery Giada Esposito
costumes Valentina Mezzani

The Cyclops is the only satyr play that has survived antiquity. It tells the famous story of Odysseus and the Cyclops Polyphemus: Odysseus has arrived with his crew on the Sicilian coasts and he tries to trade the wine that Dionysus has given him, for some food, but instead of accepting the exchange or offering hospitality, the Cyclops Polyphemus kills and devours some of the hero’s comrades. At this point the cunning Odysseus has the better of the Cyclops’ brutality; after getting him drunk, and telling him his name was "Noboby", he burns out his eye and manages to escape from the bloodbath that the devourer of men was preparing to perform. The blinded Polyphemus then starts screaming his despair saying that Nobody has blinded him and Nobody has done him wrong. This is the well-known story.
Enzo Siciliano translated The Cyclops into an Italian which was confused with all the dialects of southern Italy, precisely the Magna Grecia: dialects from Sicily, Calabria, Naples but also from Rome and Puglia, and in the case of the character Odysseus, the hero who travelled and knew the most about the world, even some accents of English and French as well as German.
This composite and colorful language yet at the same time tending towards a marked comedy is the protagonist of the show.
The text which is reduced to a monologue by director Francesco Siciliano, who is also the actor, chases the words in a continuous game between imagination and the wine recounted and loved by Bacchus who comes to the rescue at the last moment of the whole incident.
The scene represents a garbage dump, the barter will take place among the "rubbish", in the center the entrance to the cave of Polyphemus. In this framework of absolute decline, intelligence will win over total degradation, while the game and mockery will make the Cyclops’ despair even more extreme.

Sala Frau
25 JUNE 15:00
26 JUNE 15:00
one seat € 25,00
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