by and with Ezio Mauro
directed by Pietro Sabina
audio concept by Alberto Fiori & Pietro Sabina
musical composition and performance by Alberto Fiori
featuring the voices of Umberto Orsini and Alba Rohrwacher

produzione Elastica srl

"In Turin, if you ask people about workers at Thyssen, they point to the cemetery". Just over one month had gone by since the tragedy during the night between 5th and 6th December 2007, at the Turin factory of the German metalworking corporation, where seven workers died in the flames. Ezio Mauro, who is also from Turin, editor of La Repubblica, went back to being a reporter for a long feature which was published by the newspaper on 11th January 2008.
It is a long, passionate narration, which still remains true to the objectiveness of reporting, where the memories of a survivor from the factory fire, Giovanni Pignalosa, merge with the description of a city, Turin, the driving force behind Italian industrial development, where as in the rest of the country workers seem to have become invisible.
The newspaper report has been turned into a sound performance, directed by Pietro Babina and with Ezio Mauro himself taking centre stage. The newspaper editor will feature in the role of himself, as narrator and journalist, as part of a setting where the voices of the witnesses will be those of Umberto Orsini and Alba Rohrwacher. Their recorded performance will be added to the musical score, also by Babina with the composer and musician Alberto Fiori, and their voices will merge with the sounds of the city and musical notes.

Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti
25 JUNE 18:30
stalls I sector € 50,00
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stalls box & I circle box central € 32,00
stalls box & I circle box lateral € 26,00
II & III circle box central € 26,00
II & III circle box lateral € 17,00
gallery € 10,00
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