by Patrizia Cavalli

direction Mario Martone
music by Silvia Colasanti

The Lover Alba Rohrwacher
The symptoms’ chorus Patrizia Cavalli
A Messanger Roberto De Francesco

costumes and stage design Orsini Sforza
lights Pasquale Mari
assistant director Ippolita di Majo

Quartetto Guadagnini

percussionist Leonardo Ramadori

production Spoleto 59 Festival dei 2Mondi

The main character, here called the Innamorata (the enamored), appears on stage for three times in a row as if she has just awoken from her sleep. During these three awakenings, in the presence of diverse climatic conditions, the woman undergoes a series of very strange and violent psychophysical alterations which are similar to those that accompany a loving desire, thus giving rise to unreasonable nagging thoughts on the mysteries of the body. Within her obsessive suppositions she finds a figure, the absent lover, who gives shape and meaning to those symptoms that would otherwise be empty and meaningless. The arrival of the liberating rain on the third day dissolves every assumption and every aching desire, turning them into pure joy which needs no object of love.
Following the Innamorata there are the emissaries of the God Hormone, that is the Coro dei sintomi (Choir of symptoms), which lists and comments on the tragicomic incidents that take place in the woman’s body. Meanwhile, the changeable weather conditions that accompany the invectives, invocation and moans of the Innamorata, are announced and described by the Messaggero newspaper in alternating cease-fires and catastrophes like in war bulletins.

Words and music share the stage, as if they were independent characters on their own. The nights that precede the awakenings, where words can no longer do anything, are entrusted solely to the music of a string quartet: three nuclei of mood narrative that generate the temperaments of the day, where a weaving of percussion only acts as the alter ego to the grumpy obsessiveness of the Choir.

Teatro Caio Melisso Spazio Carla Fendi
25 JUNE 21:30
26 JUNE 16:00
stalls € 50,00
stalls box € 50,00
I circle box € 40,00
II circle box € 30,00
gallery € 20,00
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