by and with Simona Aztori
and with the dancers of the Teatro alla Scala in Milan
Marco Messina, Salvatore Perdichizzi
and the SimonArte Dance Company
Mariacristina Paolini, Beatrice Mazzola
reciting voice Simona Atzori
costumes Bruna Scazzosi
music by various authors 
choreographies by the performers 
organized by the Mediolanum Corporate University

A purple room represents the place where everything can happen. A stage is nothing but a "room" where the hues of life are danced and this is done by using one’s body and the emotions that arise from its movements.
Five dancers and their stories, which can be the stories of anyone, of every spectator who becomes a witness to what happens right in front of his eyes in this room.
There are those questions that will never get answered. Those emotions that often have no voice but that exist and are real in all their wonderful facets. There is love, which does not have a single aspect, which does not have a single color, but is blended based on the emotions that it arises and makes it exist.
There is friendship, the one that makes everything more beautiful and is colored by smiles and cheerfulness with every movement. 
There is also that violence that hides behind the word "love." On a stage you can dance the hope, the uneasiness, and the deep despair that all those women experience, when deprived of the dignity of being human and the right to be truly loved. Where everything happens precisely in a room, that room that should protect, accommodate and grant serenity, and instead, too often, all this is "violated."
Purple is a color that is created by the union of other colors, from red and white, which form the color symbol of the female universe: pink, but just by adding a bit of blue, it is transformed, it becomes different, it becomes a proper color, with its own name and its characteristic.
"A Purple Room" is a show where the dance expresses the nuances of life, and where the emotions are danced without fear. Because you can and should be simply what you are.
Participating in this project, there are great artists from the world of dance who share Simona’s philosophy and strength, from her life and her art.
Simona will be performing with the dancers from her dance company, the SimonArte Dance Company, and dancers from the Teatro alla Scala in Milan who have been collaborating with Simona for years and have brought their performances throughout Italy and abroad with her.

The event is part of the program "Centodieci è Ispirazione", the cycle of meetings that the educational institution of Banca Mediolanum dedicates to its community with the intent of fostering direct contact with figures embodying models of excellence in different professional sectors. "The ideas live in their witnesses, in those who develop them with passion and identify themselves in them." This is the motto with which MCU chooses its testimonials, as examples of reference: new paths have been made possible with their enthusiasm, allowing the Institution to reach unprecedented goals. If models have always been considered essential to the progress of humanity, in philosophy, as in art, in politics as in science, the third millennium brings with it the possibility of intertwining a new relationship with such excellent figures.