sponsored by Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China
organized by China Arts and Entertainment Group
director HU Mingwu
troupe leader HU Wei
artistic director ZHANG Bo
lighting designer DONG Yang
costume designer ZHENG Zhikuan
publicity director SUN Lu
executive director HU Mingna
multimedia designer LIU Qiang
video operator CHEN Jing
stage assistant WU Ziyuan
with HU Mingwu, YANG Ao, SU Jingjing, GUO Kai, SU Xiaopeng, XING Shishuai, CAO Jialong, ZHAO Yi, LI Xiaofeng, REN Jinkun, JIANG Xingju

Rooted in ancient philosophies and traditions, "11 Warriors" tells the story of kung fu. From its primeval origins to its refined precision and technical mastery, "11 Warriors" takes us on a journey through both the physical and spiritual development of a kung fu master. Informed by ancient Chinese philosophy, art and aesthetics, the program demonstrates kung fu’s connection to the underlying tenets of Chinese culture.
The base function of any fighting expression is to protect, defend and conquer, that is, to make war. It becomes a martial art when the practice becomes a structured study, transcending the aggression. The literal meaning of "kung fu" is not to fight, but rather, to pursue mastery, with the objective of perfecting one’s "being" to its utmost version.

Metal, wood, water, fire and earth. These five elements permeate all aspects of the Chinese quest to perfect "the self" through art, science, philosophy or pugilism. The elements represent a harmonious relationship found in nature between different states. It is reflected in the martial arts through the dialectic formed between combatants.
As the teaching of this warring art became structured, the Shaolin Temple formalized the exercises into logical forms, inspired by the fighting strategies of animals, creating the "Five Forms": monkey, snake, tiger, mantis and crane.

The soul of a martial artist is fueled by the fire that burns within his body. There are those who persevere, driven by the passion, to be better. Their life-force, Qi (Chi) is simultaneously driven and nurtured by the pursuit. The fire lights the way and shines so brightly that it illuminates the path to perfection.

Behind every kung fu man is the Master. The Master teaches the way---the right way and the wrong way. The right way to practice, and equally important, the right reason to practice. Within the relationship of teacher to student reside the lesson of filial piety and the importance of respect for others and all things. The true Master sets the student on a path of discovery, and the destination is finding the expression of his true self.

It is said that to overcome your opponent one must become like water. Water ebbs and flows effortlessly towards its destination. No thinking, no hesitation. The boxer realizes this flow through a calmness of mind. And in this calmness the power of his energy flows forth naturally and freely. In the end he overcomes the greatest opponent, himself.
Within each warrior resides a sword, ready to be unsheathed at a moment’s notice---without hesitation. As he flows his body through the tai chi forms, his heart’s steel is tempered, his skills are honed, and thus a warrior is forged.

Learning kung fu is like swimming upstream against a raging current. It is fraught with obstacles that keep you chained to what you know, and prevents you from realizing what you don’t. How do you gain release from naive and ignorance and leave in its place, knowledge and skill? Through passionate and constant toil and struggle the kung fu man breaks these chains and celebrates his epiphany. And, the true kung fu man realizes that every enlightenment leads to the next.

Epilogue: FIGHTERS
It is only through the hardships of rigorous and painstaking training that one becomes a fighter. Through the quest for expertise comes the realization that these skills represent more than a destructive force practiced by rote; that constant repetitions lead to spontaneity; that strength can be expressed through relaxation; that owning such skills means having the choice not to use them, and that kung fu is not a way of fighting, but a way of life. It is when the fighter comes to this realization that the fighter becomes a martial ARTIST.

Long Yun Kung Fu Troupe was founded on 20th October, 2006. The international martial arts star, Jackie Chan, handpicked 11 splendid, creative and skilled martial youths from millions of martial guys in China. Mrs. HU Wei is the troupe leader.
Over the past 10 years, all these 11 warriors have honored the essence of martial arts, used martial arts to express their feelings and merged the Kung Fu with the art perfectly. From training hall to the stage, Jackie Chan’s Long Yun Kung Fu Troupe has already attended hundreds of performances and tens of movie and television plays. Nowadays, having been invited by lots of consulates, organized by the Ministry of Culture, Long Yun has set foot in more than 60 countries and regions, got the praise and sought after by friends from different countries in these three years. And also, Long Yun has gained high recognition of its predecessors and peers.

Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti
14 JULY 19:30
15 JULY 15:00
stalls I sector  €60,00
stalls II sector €50,00
stalls box & I circle box central €40,00
stalls box & I circle box lateral €30,00
II & III circle box central €30,00
II & III circle box lateral €20,00
gallery €15,00

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