Extraordinary appointments between history, beauty and tasting

For the 60th Festival of 2 Worlds, the Associazione Amici di Spoleto onlus will bring the "Secret, Underground Spoleto" on stage, with three appointments on July 7th, 11th and 14th, 2017, between art, history and tastings of Trebbiano Spoletino wine.
An exploration of hidden corners, curiosities, beauty and unknown details on the city and the area around it, discovering extraordinary works of art. The routes will be spiced with tastings of valuable local wine.


Friday 7 July 2017, h 10:30
Alternative Mobility Route, including visits to the
Cyclopean Walls and to the Medieval Boundary Walls 
Meeting place: Via Posterna (Entrance of the Posterna Escalator system)
A mix of ancient and modernity. The Alternative Mobility System, a pedestrian transport utility to access the city centre that was finished in 2016, becomes the privileged way to discover the remains of Spoleto’s ancient boundary walls: the Umbrian-Roman one and the wider one that dates to the XIII-XIV centuries. The older walls, a.k.a. Cyclopean Walls, are made of overlapping limestone blocks by the various shapes. The lower layer is made of big, polygonal blocks dating to the IV - III centuries BC. The walls, 2 km long about, rigorously follow the slopes of Colle Sant´Elia (453 m above sea level), on whose top the Rocca Albornoz would be built centuries later. During the Middle Ages, as testified to by the 1296 City Statutes, it was decided to encompass the new urban settlements within a wider boundary wall, as the city had grown and doubled its size. 

Tasting of Spoletan Trebbiano Wine, Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and other local products 

Tuesday 11 July 2017, h 10:30
Franciscan Itinerary: from St. Francis’ letter to Brother Leo, to the first Franciscan settlements in town
Meeting place: Piazza della Libertà
The historical bond between Spoleto and St. Francis is well known: "Nihil jucundius vidi valle mea spoletana" is the sentence through which the Saint praised the beauty of the landscape around the city, that was to him one of the most joyous representations of Creation and of God. Francis’ so-called "first conversion" took place in Spoleto when, around 1204, he left Assisi along with other Christian knights, and headed out to Lecce, where they were expected to embark toward Jerusalem. His visit to the Monteluco is historically ascertained. The mountain was thick with a number of hermitages since the V century already, and in 1218 he founded there a first Franciscan cenacle, close to the edge of the Sacred Wood. The itinerary will start from Piazza della Libertà, where there once was the church of St. Apollinare, the first Franciscan settlement in Spoleto, and will go on toward the Cathedral, where one of the two only remaining handwritten letters by St. Francis is kept. From there the itinerary will go on toward Piazza Campello and the Colle Sant’Elia, to see the remains of the ancient Franciscan church of St. Elijah, where in 1250 St. Francis’ follower Blessed Simon from Collazzone passed away. The visit will end by the former convent and church of St. Simon Apostle, that was actually erected in honour of Blessed Simon.
Tasting of Spoletan Trebbiano Wine, of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and other local product 

Friday 14 July 2017, h 10:30
Filippo Lippi, Pinturicchio and Jacopo Siculo at the Duomo in Spoleto
Meeting place: Piazza del Duomo
In the Spoleto cathedral (XII XIII centuries, restored inside in the XVII century) there are works of art by extraordinary Italian Renaissance artists. The apse is covered by Filippo Lippi’s frescoes, and represent Stories Of The Virgin (1467-1469): it is the Florentine artist’s last work; Filippo Lippi passed away in Spoleto in 1469. In the two chapels of bishops Costantine and Francis Eroli, on the cathedral’s right aisle, there are a fresco featuring Madonna with Saints (1497) by Bernardino di Betto, a.k.a. Pinturicchio, and other frescoes by Jacopo Siculo (1530 c.). 

Tasting of Spoletan Trebbiano Wine, of Extra-Virgin Olive Oil and other local product 

Via del Trivio
07 JULY 10:30
Piazza della Libertà
11 JULY 10:30
Piazza del Duomo
14 JULY 10:30
admission is free upon reservation, please email to, within 12.00 of the day before the event. 
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