for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra
music Silvia Colasanti
text by Mariangela Gualtieri
and from the Latin liturgy
conductor Maxime Pascal
Orchestra Giovanile italiana
International Opera Choir
conducted by Gea Garatti
narrator Mariangela Gualtieri
mezzo soprano Monica Bacelli
bandoneon Richard Galliano

Spoleto’s Festival 2017 wishes to inaugurate with a moment of reflection and a meditation, dedicating an event to the earthquake that hit central Italy few months ago. Perhaps, only music and poetry can approach with a certain degree of freedom such a huge mass of suffering, and  find a way to introduce an act of vitality. 

The Festival has hence commissioned Silvia Colasanti the writing of a Requiem for Soloists, Choir and Orchestra, in which Latin Requiem mass texts dialogue with new texts, written for the occasion by the poet Mariangela Gualtieri. The work is a chant of farewell to the dead, to their small and large shadows, the rejection of a mournful idea of Death and of an angry, judging, authoritarian and punitive God. But also a song of hope and thanksgiving. The work has an Oratorio structure, with various characters: a singer / ""Heart in ashes", a narrator / "The doubting", the "Choir of those who do not doubt", the bandoneon / "Breath of the earth". The singer and the narrator this latter being the Poet herself - dialogue with Choir and the Orchestra, drawing intimate and lyrical moments which alternate with choral and magmatic situations. Last but not least, a bandoneon soloist’s intervention will personify the desire of rebirthing, both as quest for redemption from our human insignificance and a as a song of thanksgiving to the earth and the sky, bearing the traits of the compassion, ardor and sweetness that only the secular rite of music and poetry is capable of.