by Roberto Saviano and Mario Gelardi
a Nuovo Teatro Sanità project
produced by Mismaonda in collaboration with Marche Teatro
with Vincenzo Antonucci, Luigi Bignone, Carlo Caracciolo, Antimo Casertano, Riccardo Ciccarelli, Mariano Coletti, Giampiero de Concilio, Simone Fiorillo, Carlo Geltrude, Enrico Maria Pacini
set design Armando Alovisi
costumes 0770 of Irene di Caprio
music Tommy Grieco
lights Paco Summonte
production manager Luigi Marsano
assistant to the director Irene Grasso
directorial collaboration Carlo Caracciolo
programming by Mismaonda Gianluca Russino and Laura Montagna
directed by Mario Gelardi

The Nuovo Teatro Sanità and Mario Gelardi are not just resistance and not just theatre. They are the core around which, within the Sanità1 in Naples, a present reality is built, one you can touch, see, and hear. A future that you can imagine. They are voices that stand above screams, they are outstretching hands. With them, with Mario, I work to stage "The  Paranza Children." Only they can transform my words into bodies, faces and voices.
Roberto Saviano

They have designer shoes, almost ordinary families, and large wings "of belonging" tattooed on their backs. They dart on their motorbikes in the streets of Naples, against traffic, because they know that their only option is to gamble everything they have, and do so right away. They don’t fear prison or death. They shoot, they deal, they spend.
They are the paranza children.
In the jargon of the Camorra "paranza" means "criminal group", but the term has seafaring origins and indicates the small fishing boats that, in pairs, pull the nets in the shallows, where one especially captures small fish for frying. The expression "paranza children" indicates the artillery firing line, but also conveys with accuracy the image of fish so small that it can only be cooked by frying it, just like those very young people linked to the Camorra that Roberto Saviano narrates in his latest best selling novel.

And that novel now becomes a theatre play telling a hard, violent truth, one with no escape. The show wasn’t born in the Nuovo Teatro Sanità by chance. The Nuovo Teatro Sanità is a "miraculous" place in the heart of Naples, where there is an attempt to build an actual present and imagine a possible future.
"Childhood is a disease - a sickness that you grow out of", said William Golding, author of "Lord of the Flies". As in Saviano’s novel and in the show as well, the protagonists create their own community, which imposes ferocious rules in order to lose innocence and grow up.
After the successful experience of the show "Gomorra", Roberto Saviano and Mario Gelardi unite again in this theatre project to narrate the controversial ascent to power of a teenage tribe, ready to dive into a sombre Shakespearean tragedy (didn’t the scholar Jan Kott say that slaughter is of one of Shakespeare’s central themes?) and into the infinite darkness of Frank Miller’s comics.

"It took me ten years to become a child, it will take me one second to shoot you in the face".

San Simone
01 JULY 18:00
02 JULY 15:00
02 JULY 22:00
one seat €35,00

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