idea by Andrée Ruth Shammah
by and with Adriana Asti 
and with Andrea Soffiantini and Andrea Narsi
drawn from book Ricordare e dimenticare, conversazione tra Adriana Asti e René De Ceccatty
dramaturgy Federica Di Rosa
theatrical adaptation and director Andrée Ruth Shammah
stage and costume designer Gian Maurizio Fercioni 
production Teatro Franco Parenti in collaboration with Festival di Spoleto 60

A national premiere at the Festival of Spoleto 60, Adriana’s Memories is a performance ... on the point of starting ... In fact, in front of the closed door of Adriana Asti’s dressing room another show, apparently not planned, is going on stage instead.
A figure appears in the dark: "She will not come, I know her, much better than she knows herself..." and she, this figure, talks about the Adriana who does not want to enter the scene, who flees while remaining where she is, who shows herself while hiding, who forgetting, remembers, who sings to be alone.
On stage an actress has to become a character to succeed in talking about herself - it’s a deception, maybe a need.
Still another provocation, another escape.
Fantasies, thoughts, stories come alive, blending with the theater.
Recounting, is not only the episodes of a long career, the anxieties of the stage, the encounters with the greatest directors of theater and cinema, the disguises and the nakedness, the lightness and the madness.
Recounting is the very same mechanism of this show, the choice of appearing without revealing, looking at herself from the outside almost with detachment, pouring onto that other self, irony and anger, irritation and tenderness.
Within this mechanism where no one plays only his part, there is a theater director who is ashamed of his lion’s tail, there is a technician who would not like to feel like a hen who is actually a chicken, there is an admirer who collects memories. 
And above all, there is she, and there is the other: one entangled treading the boards, the other in the dressing room, staring at herself in the mirror and looking for a new make-up. Always feeling out of place, and then discovering that maybe the only place is the theater, because it is totally illusory.

Teatro Caio Melisso Spazio Carla Fendi
01 JULY 20:00
02 JULY 17:00
stalls & stalls box €48
I circle box €35
II circle box €27
gallery €15

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