June 29th h 7pm
July 1st h 5pm
Theatre Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti

grand opera in 10 scenes

music Silvia Colasanti
libretto René de Ceccatty and Giorgio Ferrara
conductor Jonathan Webb
director and scenography Giorgio Ferrara
costumes Vincent Darré
choreography Simona Chiesa
lighting Fiammetta Baldiserri
assistant director Patrizia Frini
Minotaur Gianluca Margheri baritone
Arianna Benedetta Torre soprano
Theseus Matteo Falcier tenor
piano master Daniela Pellegrino
Orchestra Giovanile Italiana
International Opera Choir
choir master Gea Garatti
Athenian victims graduate actors of Accademia d´Arte Drammatica "Silvio d´Amico" in Rome
production Spoleto 61 Festival dei 2Mondi, Fondazione Teatro Coccia di Novara

based on the ballad Minotaurus
by Friedrich Dürrenmatt
copyright © Diogenes Verlag AG Zürich
all rights reserved

The Minotaur: in this opera the myth of a terrifying monster becomes a “human” drama, the drama of a being dealing with himself, actually with an infinite number of himself reflected by the mirorred walls of the labyrint.
In contrast, human beings - here represented by Teseo and Arianna - are the actual perpetrators.
In addition to the three leading voices – Minotaur, Arianna and Teseo – the Chorus of the Birds, sort of modern Greek chorus, death omen and witness who comments on the action. A small orchestra frames the protagonists vocal lines becoming protagonist on its turn, at some action’s formal turning points. The Moon and the Sun go along with the relentless fate of the monster.
As opposed to the Minotaur’s loneliness, his young victims who form an ominous ring around him before to get killed, one after another, in a strongly percussive and abstract struggle.
The finale is left to the Chorus of the Birds: a long intimate and sore prayer accompanied by gloomy bells.