The “Paolo Ettorre – Socially Correct” association was founded in 2008 to perpetuate Paolo Ettorre’s dedication to cause-related marketing, with the objective of developing projects that increase social responsibility through advertising and events.
The Socially Correct competition gives art and communications students the opportunity to measure their talent, participating as creative couples, with the creation of a campaign on important and often difficult social subject matters.  The winning campaign gives the creative couple the prospect of an internship in the creative department of the Saatchi & Saatchi agency. This year cyberbullying is the theme of the 11th edition of the competition organised in collaboration with the Direzione Generale per lo Studente, l’integrazione e la Partecipazione of the Ministry of Education, University and Research.
Cyberbullying, namely offensive, disrespectful and/or violent episodes carried out by others via internet or mobile telephones, is the cause of many young victims often taking desperate measures, triggered by a distorted perception of reality.
A series of factors contribute to the phenomenon: total lack of control of the web by parents and the use by adolescents of the all-powerful tool, without the ability to manage it correctly. Amongst youngsters the lack of awareness of the actual damage that can be caused, is due to their not having perceptive maturity and an innocent post can easily become something that can be exploited, of uncontrollable dimensions. In cyberbullying an imbalance exists between victim and torturer in which the first is totally defenceless and passive, while the second feels omnipotent, concealing him or herself behind anonymity or false nickname to “play” at mocking peers.
The objective of the competition is the creation of an awareness and prevention campaign that aims to reduce the 22.3% of Italian youths victims of on-line bullying, making it understood that “being strong with the weak is being the ultimate coward”.


13 July
Sala Pegasus
free admission subject to seat availability