curators Claudia Spadazzi and Elisabetta Marchiori 
suported by IPD Italian Psychoanalytic Dialogues 
patrons Italian Psychoanalytic Society, ANICA Associazione Naz. Industrie Cinematografiche Audiovisive Multimediali, Associazione Documentaristi Italiani


Morning session

10.00 “Visage Village” 
di Agnès Varda (2018, France, 90’) 

10.45 -11.15 Presentation of Dario Zonta’s book “L’invenzione del reale” 
(Inventing Reality, Contrasto ed., 2017). 

Conversation with Dario Zonta (film critic and producer) and Elisabetta Marchiori (Italian Psychoanalytic Society)

12.00 -13.30 Panel “A conversation about inventing reality: subjective perception, memory and narrative”.
Chair Claudia Spadazzi (Italian Psychoanalytic Society), 
Graziella Bildesheim (audiovisual industry expert), Terry Bruno (psychotherapist), Paolo Conti (journalist, Corriere della Sera), Giorgio Mattana (Italian Psychoanalytic Society), Anna Migliozzi (Società Psicoanalitica Italiana), Dario Zonta

Afternoon session 

15.30 “Moravia Off” by Luca Lancise (2017, Italy, 75’)

After the screening, the director Luca Lancise will take questions from the audience as well as Luisa Cerqua (Italian Psychoanalytic Society) and Dario Zonta

17.30 “La lucida follia di Marco Ferreri” by Anselma Dall’Olio (2017, Italia, 77’)

After the screening, the director Anselma Dall’Olio will take questions from the audience as well as Luisa Cerqua (Italian Psychoanalytic Society) and Nicoletta Ercole (producer). 

20.30 “Chuck Norris vs Communism” by Ilinca Calugareanu (2015, Romania, GB 78’)

After the screening, the director Ilinca Calugareanu will take questions from the audience as well as Alberto Angelini (Italian Psychoanalytic Society) and Laura Manu (psychoterapist, Great Britain, Romania). 
Biopic as an artwork: a creative dialogue between different aspects of the mind’s functioning and the self’s inner dynamics. 

The stories of the lives of others and one’s own life stories bring into play elements of reality, subjective truths, interpretations and memories, as neurosciences have shown. Lately, documentary films have become a high profile artwork, searching for interior truths, the essence of a character or a persona, the synthesis of a life, through a combination of fiction and reality. Indeed, the director, in his relationship with the persona being narrated, manipulates reality. The biopic documentary re-enacts a persona’s life through the director’s subjective eye. The public portrait thereby becomes a mirror the audience uses to cast back on itself, a story in which everyone can trace one’s own memories and parts of one’s self.


07 July
Sala Pegasus
free admission