The Umbria Region has been organizing Umbrialibri for 24 years to characterize the promotion of culture and reading in Umbria and enhance the regional publishing industry.
The distinctive trait of Umbrialibri consists in the strong connection between national and regional cultural production, with full involvement of the Umbrian publishers, in their dual role of exhibitors and cultural promoters of their publications. The second element that characterizes the event is the identification of a central theme for each edition upon which the program of initiatives is articulated: lessons, confrontations, debates and conferences, as well as presentations of books and projects for which prestigious names of the academic and journalistic world, writers and critics, scholars and intellectuals of national and international prominence have been called to participate.  
Within each edition of Umbrialibri, the Umbrian publishing industry is the protagonist of a trade show which fully succeeds in grasping the general character of the sector, as well as the unique characteristics of each publisher. There are more than 40 exhibitors involved.  
"The care of ideas" is the main theme of Umbrialibri 2018, which will be held in Perugia, from Friday 5 to Sunday 7 October, in the monumental complex of San Pietro.
Among the many important initiatives, the award ceremony of the first edition of the National Literary Prize First Work "Severino Cesari", named after the great intellectual Umbrian, one of the most important Italian editors in recent decades.

Umbrialibri 2018 is a guest of the Festival of Two Worlds with an extraordinary edition of the trade show of the Umbrian publishing industry during the second week-end of the Festival in Piazza del Comune.


07 July
Piazza del Comune
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08 July
Piazza del Comune
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