The artistic director of the Festival of 2 Worlds Giorgio Ferrara presented today, to the national press, the program of the 62nd edition, at the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities in Rome, flanked by the Under Secretary of State Gianluca Vacca and the President of the Festival Foundation and Mayor of Spoleto Umberto De Augustinis. The MiBAC General Manager for the Live Show, Onofrio Cutaia, attended the conference as well. Among the members of the Foundation´s Board of Directors, the vice-president Dario Pompili and the councilor Maria Teresa Venturini Fendi took part. A presentation to the Umbrian press was also held yesterday at the Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti in Spoleto.

The Festival of Two Worlds Spoleto takes place from June 28th to July 14th this year.

At its 62nd edition, the event confirms its original character and its international prestige as a historic meeting place for different cultures from all over the world, where every summer the great arts on the international scene are gathered: Opera, Music, Dance, Theater.

Under the guidance of Giorgio Ferrara for eleven years, the Festival has grown progressively and the institutions, artists, cultural operators, companies and media have consolidated their attention contributing to the acknowledgement of the cultural event as one of worldwide resonance. 

Showcase of excellence for great artists and for young emerging talents, a "workshop" of original creations, this year as well the Festival inaugurates with a new production, Proserpine, opera in two acts, taken from the homonymous dramatic poem by Mary Shelley. Along with the Minotaur staged last year, this work, commissioned to the composer Silvia Colasanti, is part of a project for a contemporary trilogy revisiting ancient myths as an approach towards the unconscious and human relationships. The Italian Youth Orchestra is conducted by Pierre-André Valade. The director is Giorgio Ferrara, the scenes are by Sandro Chia and  costumes by Vincent Darré.

Daniele Gatti, among the most brilliant and appreciated masters of his generation, will conduct the Orchestra and Chorus of the Rome Opera Theater for the traditional Final Concert at Piazza Duomo. The program includes music by Giuseppe Verdi from the French repertoire, works conceived from the important artistic relationship that the composer had with the city of Paris.

Noontime Concerts and Evening Concerts will be performed by young talents from leading Italian conservatories and winners of the National Arts Award.

Dance is represented by the Dutch National Ballet with a show that is a tribute to the world-famous choreographer Hans Van Manen, and by the student dancers of the renowned Ecole-Atelier Rudra Bejart of Lausanne founded by Maurice Bejart.

A hundred years after the founding of the Bauhaus, the real construction site for modernity, that extraordinary creative season will be remembered with a special program - in collaboration with the Bauhaus Festival 100 and the Akademie der Künste of Berlin - proposing the reconstruction of the most famous interdisciplinary experiments of those years - Oscar Schlemmer´s 1922 Triadic Ballet and Pictures at an Exhibition by Vassily Kandinsky with music by Modest Musorgsky from 1928 – as well as encounters with academics, critics and personalities from the world of art.  

For the Theater, Adriana Asti, Marisa Berenson, Lucinda Childs, Emma Dante, Eva Riccobono and Andrée Ruth Shammah are among the protagonists of this edition.

Corrado Augias and Paolo Mieli meet the public with two creations designed for the Festival.

The Festival hosts Jean Paul Gaultier’s Fashion Freak Show, an amazing musical with a large cast of actors, dancers, singers and circus performers, which recounts fifty years of pop culture, across the unique and eccentric gaze of fashion’s enfant terrible.  

Stefano Bollani and Hamilton De Holanda will be in concert at the Teatro Romano for an extraordinary combination of piano and bandolim, combining improvisation and their great love for Brazilian music. 

Poetic songwriter, Vinicio Capossela presents his latest works in a concert in Piazza Duomo, looking at the plagues of our present, with the great expressive force and irony that distinguish him.

The collaboration with the National Academy of Dramatic Arts “Silvio d´Amico” and the main European theater schools continues with the project “European Young Theatre”, a great gymnasium of creativity, for the future protagonists of the theater in Italy and in the world.

The Carla Fendi Foundation, chaired by Maria Teresa Venturini Fendi, continues its journey through Science with Ecce Robot, an integrated narrative, from the scientific abstractions of Artificial Intelligence to the practical applications of Robotics, and presents the futuristic installation Future. The Carla Fendi Award will be assigned to two important figures in the world of softrobotics: Barbara Mazzolai and Cecilia Laschi. 

The Festival´s collaboration with Italian and foreign artistic institutions continues: the Metastasio Theater in Prato, Elfo Theater in Milan, Museo Madre in Naples, Campania Festival Foundation - Naples Teatro Festival Italia, Teatro Biondo in Palermo, Italian Conservatories and MIUR, Cartagena Festival Internacional de Musica. Furthermore, following the agreement protocols signed with the Chinese Ministry of Culture and the China Shanghai International Arts Festival, exchange and co-production projects are being defined for 2020.

The poster of the 62nd edition is by David LaChapelle, an American photographer appreciated all over the world for his unmistakable style.

The Festival of Spoleto has the support of: the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities, Umbrian Region, Spoleto Municipality, Carla Fendi Foundation, Cassa di Risparmio di Spoleto Foundation, Banca Popolare di Spoleto of Banco Desio Group, Intesa Sanpaolo, Monini, Fabiana Filippi, BMW, Italmatch Chemicals, Meccanotecnica Umbra, Tomasini Francia-Rolex, Susa Transport, and many other partners and sponsors.

The Rai TV renews its agreement as main media supporter, reserving a specific programming for the Festival on Rai Cultura, RaiNews24, RaiRadio 3, TGR and Ray Play, as well as on the portal, with daily live links, interviews and services, and with the creation of a commercial that will be broadcast on the main TV channels. This year, the newspaper la Repubblica will again be the main media partner to give support and space to the cultural trend expressed by the Festival. In support of the Festival there is also the main media partner Il Messaggero, which will guarantee coverage on the web and social networks, while the collaboration with the Corriere della Sera also continues.
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