Ocean of Inspirations

The ocean is an impalpable body, and as water is said to have memory. David Lachapelle is an artist set to realize its secrets. With a long history of collaboration with dancers, his photographs are the result of a necessary meeting between nature, light, imagination and color.

In this context, Lachapelle´s photography translates the suggestions of the Spoleto Festival: the ocean, like the dancer, holds the unstoppable power of movement. It is a continuous source of inspiration, a container of beauty, a place capable of adding up the power of different artistic languages.

In LaChapelle´s picture, Sister Moon, (2019) we find the Siren, spiraling against the same gravity which pulls the waves into massive sea rocks behind her. With effortless port de bras, she summons the dancers to her festival with a universal gesture.

Honoring the limitless craft of dance in all of its forms, LaChapelle renders an icon for Spoleto, a celebration of the dancers´ visceral influence on visual art manifested into one sublime moment.

Denis Curti with R. Arte, 2019