by and with MONI OVADIA
at the Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti
December 27th at 21:00

The coming Friday, December 27th at 9:00 pm, the Festival dei Due Mondi in Spoleto presents Yiddish Cabaret by and with Moni Ovadia and the Stage Orchestra composed of musicians Maurizio Deh, violin, Paolo Rocca, clarinet, Albert Florian Mihai, accordion, and Luca Garlaschelli, double bass and with sound by Mauro Pagiaro. The show is produced by Oylem Goylem Productions and Corvino Productions.
Yiddish language, music and culture, with an elusive mixture of German, Hebrew, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and Romanian, and the universal condition of the roving Jew who is always and in any case without a homeland, are at the center of this Yiddish Cabaret chamber show which gave origin to the famous Oylem Goylem.
It could be said that the show has the classic form of cabaret, as commonly understood. 
In fact it alternates musical pieces and songs with stories, anecdotes, quotes made tastefully lively by the skilled entertainer. However, the curiosity of the show lies in the fact that it is entirely dedicated to that part of Jewish culture where Yiddish is the language and the Klezmer is the music.
This show " talks about steppes and the back of shops, roads and synagogues". All of this is what Moni Ovadia calls "the sound of exile, the music of dispersion": in one word it talks about the exodus. Klezmer music comes from the Hebrew words Kley Zemer, which refer to the musical instruments (violin and strings in general and clarinet) used to play in the traditional Jew music of Eastern Europe starting around the 16th century.

I have decided to forget the "philology" so as to follow another possibility, proclaiming that this music transcends its "scientifically determined" coordinates of space-time and talks to us about the distances of man, his wounded soul, his absolute feelings, his relationships with the natural and social world, of his being "holy", of his possibility to rise in front of the universe, weak yet sublime. The humble who created all this before managing to become free men, have been robbed of their culture and transformed into stunned consumers yet they still succeeded in leaving us a posthumous opportunity: music which is generated where the distance between heaven and earth has the consistency of a subtle hymeneal membrane which vibrates perhaps only for the time of a song, and suggests, that although it went wrong, that maybe we have been placed here for something else.
Moni Ovadia
+39 345 39 82 114 

from monday to friday 9.30-13.00/16.00-19.30
saturday 9.30-13.00
sale and booking +39 0743 22 28 89


stalls I and II sector 35,00
stalls box and I circle box central 25,00
stalls box and I circle box lateral 20,00
box II and III sector central and lateral 15,00
gallery 10,00

For residents in the municipality of Spoleto, 30% discount. 
Tickets distributed starting 2 hours before the beginning of the show at the Festival Box Office in Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti