curated by Cartagena Festival Internacional de Musica
conductor Juan Pablo Valencia Heredia

Orquesta Filarmónica de Medellín

June 29

Carlo Pedini 
H2O Concert for piano and string orchestra
I. Planet water 1
Andante maestoso
II. Wind on the waves
Moderatamente mosso
III. Drops (Passacaglia)

Fase di transizione e vaporizzazione (Scherzo con Trio)

Pianeta Acqua 2: Finale 
Corale. Andante maestoso

Mauricio Arias piano

Luis Fernando “el chino” León 
Tres danzas colombianas
Pasillo de Salón, Allá chapineruna
Guabina, Allá Boyacá
Bambuco Sureño, Allá chirimía 

Juan David Osorio
Los adioses

Álex Tovar
Serenata en Chocontá (Torbellino)

Luis A. Calvo / Arr. Julio R. Gutiérrez

Jorge Pinzón
Rapsodia a los cuatro elementos, para violonchelo y orquesta de cuerdas

Santiago Cañón-Valencia cello
The concert program consists of two works specially commissioned by the International Music Festival of Cartagena, on the occasion of its XIII edition (2019), and of four pieces by Colombian authors of the 20th and 21st centuries, with clear references to the traditional repertoire of the South American country.

The works of Carlo Pedini and Jorge Pinzon, an Italian premiere at the Festival of Spoleto, have been developed from a common theme: the world of natural elements.
H2O Concert for piano and string orchestra, whose writing was finished in October 2018, is divided into 5 movements and recalls the natural evolutionary cycle of water.
Rhapsody a los cuatro elementos, para violonchelo y orquesta de cuerdas, refers to the 4 elements that ancient philosophy believed to be the fundamental constituents of matter and the world.
Beyond the common source of inspiration, each author develops his own work using a very personal musical language that reveals the different formation of the two composers and the different cultural context of their origin. European for Pedini, South American for Pinzon.

Tres danzas colombianas by Luis Fernando "el chino" León, born in Bogotà, is a work based on a free reinterpretation, in a modern key, of the rich Colombian folk tradition. In any case, the three dances fully retain the typical spirit and movements of the native dances of different Colombian regions. Los Adios by Juan David Osorio, composer from Medellin, is an opera for violin and string orchestra written specifically for the Medellin Philharmonic orchestra in 2012.
The Serenata en Chocontá (Torbellino) by Álex Tovar, from Bogotà, is also a reinterpretation of a dance and folk song which originates from some Colombian areas (Boyacá, Cundinamarca, Santander).
Luis Antonio Calvo is considered one of the most important Colombian composers. Originally from the area of Santander, he led a difficult life in the years between the end of the nineteenth century and the middle of the twentieth century. Secretos is a waltz composed in his typical musical language which has its roots in popular music.

The concert program clearly interprets the spirit that guides the current collaboration between the Cartagena International Music Festival and the Spoleto Festival of Two Worlds: the exchange of artistic, technical and cultural experiences and the desire to create opportunities to learn more about the traditions of the two countries.


29 June
Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti
unreserved seating €30,00