Film Classics: Linking Images and Psychoanalysis


curators Claudia Spadazzi and Elisabetta Marchiori
in collaboration with Cinéma Sala Pegasus and Graziella Bildesheim  


10.30 AM
Introduction to the Section: “Classics of the cinema, classics of Psychoanalysis”
by Elisabetta Marchiori and Claudia Spadazzi, psychoanalyst, SPI (Italian Psychoanalytic Society)

11.00 AM
“Ladri di biciclette” by Vittorio De Sica (Italy, 1948, 88’)
Conversation with Mario Sesti, film critic and journalist, and Paolo Boccara, SPI (Italian Psychoanalytic Society) psychoanalyst. Chair Elisabetta Marchiori 

4.00 PM
“Jules et Jim” by François Truffaut (Francia, 1961, 106’)
Conversation with Fabio Ferzetti, film critic and journalist, and Manuela Fraire, SPI (Italian Psychoanalytical Society) psychoanalyst. 
Chair Claudia Spadazzi

18.30 PM
“The Birds” by Alfred Hitchcock (USA, 1963, 119’)
Conversation with Roberto Lazzerini, cinema expert, and Giuseppe Riefolo, SPI (Società Psicoanalitica Italiana) psychoanalyst.
 Chair Graziella Bildesheim, audiovisual industry expert.
Italo Calvino´s definition of a literary "classic" could undoubtedly be used for films as well as some basic psychoanalytic theories. When does a film become a "classic"? By screening a handful of restored movies which have made the history of cinema and have always attracted the attention of psychoanalysts, we wish to watch (or watch again) and discuss those "classics" which have never stopped showing what they have to show. 

We are now obliged to pay more attention and preserve - sometimes innovate - these works of art whose modern-day values have been increased thanks to the evolution of digital technology. This is an anthropological revolution. As if through a prism, viewing, or re-viewing, these films will bring to light multiple perspectives: whilst being preserved, works of art and humanity, film and psychoanalysis, their unchanging characteristics and  fundamental basis, are given new and vital livelihood. 

The films will be introduced by the curators and discussed with the audience, psychoanalysts and film experts to reveal the links between different mindsets and interpretations, between the images on screen and unconscious dynamics. 


13 July
Sala Pegasus
free admission