The Carla Fendi Foundation takes a look at Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotics, two realities that have entered every aspect of our daily lives: artificial intellectual processes, intelligent machines that connect, converse, operate and relate to each other. New technologies which will govern the future and with which man must already deal with, evaluating benefits and opportunities but also detecting its risks. On stage at the Caio Melisso Theater Carla Fendi Space an integrated narrative: the technological uniqueness of robots playing conventional musical instruments in the music video by Nigel Stanford, New Zealand artist. The bewildering story of Isaac Asimov on the unforeseen dreams of a robot, read by the talented Valeria Golino and Valentina Cervi, and the narrating voice of Roberto Pedicini. ECCE ROBOT, a short movie produced by the Carla Fendi Foundation and directed by Gabriele Gianni, which through archive footage and interviews with prestigious scientists, historians and philosophers recounts the impact of artificial intelligence and robotics on contemporary society. Special guest, Jaron Lanier, scientist, author, composer, artist, guru of Silicon Valley, with a speech on Artificial Intelligence.
Directed by Quirino Conti

The concluding moment of the journey into the present future, the Ecce Robot performance, is the Carla Fendi Prize which is preceded by a speech given by Professor Giorgio Metta, Deputy Director of the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, an authoritative figure in Italian and international robotics. The Prize, which consists in a grant allocated for didactics, is assigned to two important personalities in the world of soft-robotics. Cecilia Laschi, Full Professor of Industrial Bioengineering at the BioRobotics Institute of the Scuola Superiore Sant´Anna in Pisa who created "Octopus", the first totally soft robot in the world, an ideal challenge for new generation robots. Barbara Mazzolai, Director of the Micro-BioRobotics Center of the Italian Institute of Technology in Pontedera, in charge of the "Plantoid" project, aimed at creating robots similar to plants. The two researchers, who work in the center of Pontedera, a detachment of the IIT of Genoa and the Istituto Superiore Sant´Anna of Pisa, have been acknowledged as "among the 25 most brilliant scientists in the world" (RoboHub).
Directed by Quirino Conti


30 June
Teatro Caio Melisso Spazio Carla Fendi