by Don Luigi Sturzo
adaptation by Francesco Failla
presented by Istituto Sturzo - CISS  Centro Internazionale Studi Sturzo - SiciliaTeatro Castellinaria  
reciting voice Sebastiano Lo Monaco
music Dario Arcidiacono
director Salvo Bitonti
stage props furniture and personal belongings of Don Luigi Sturzo 

followed by
on the role of Don Luigi Sturzo
with the participation of
Gennaro Sangiuliano director RaiTg2
Prof. Nicola Antonetti president of the Luigi Sturzo Institute, University of Parma
Prof. Giulio Sapelli University of Milan
Prof. Flavio Felice University of Molise
Prof.ssa Tiziana Di Maio LUMSA University
Sen. Maria Elisabetta Alberti Casellati President of the Senate of the Republic (to be confirmed)
organization Santi Lo Monaco, Salvatore Aricò
external relations Loredana Teodorescu
press office Barbara Tieri
It was in the evening of January 18, 1919, that an appeal was diffused to all strong and independent men from the Santa Chiara Hotel in Rome, with the attached 12-point program of the Italian Popular Party. 
Italy and Europe were tumultuous and restless at the end of the First World War. In the midst of this atmosphere, and following a long and intense personal journey, together with others Don Luigi Sturzo inaugurated the experience of a national party with Catholic inspiration, yet laical, with programmatic and reforming features. 
The cornerstone of the appeal was freedom, intended as a constitutive element of Christian life and public life, a reference and inspiration that would always accompany Don Sturzo in his civic, human, political and religious issues. 
Thanks to its high moral and political references, the appeal is a source of undeniable topicality that expresses free, democratic force, and not rhetoric, for the present and the new problems posed simultaneously for Italy, Europe, and the overall international set-up. 
The commemoration of the event brings Sturzo’s Appeal on stage, promoting a debate on its relevance. 


05 July
San Nicolò Chiostro