by and with Federico and Jacopo Rampini
and with live music performed by 
Valentino Corvino violin, electronic
Roberta Giallo voice, keyboards
lighting, video and director Angelo Generali
production Promo Music Corvino

We are going to have four years of the most spectacular presidency in history, and memories of Obama, Reagan, Kennedy will pale in comparison... Telling the deeds of The Donald, a show of "theatrical journalism", offers spectators a journey into the new populisms, their causes and their consequences.
A schematic framework, accompanied by musicians Valentino Corvino and Roberta Giallo, and Bob Dylan´s music soundtrack of Like a Rolling Stone because Trump has used them widely in his political speeches, but also because their lyrics are "bad", aggressive and provocative.

The story and portrait of a controversial businessman, serial bankrupter, molester of Miss Universe, inventor of a successful reality TV show up to his unlikely rise to the White House. How the establishment mocked him until the end, which and how much brutality he managed to use during the electoral campaign, always bouncing right back.
Is the America who voted for him, after having elected Obama twice, "another" nation? One that is unrecognizable, deformed, mad? Or were the causes of social discomfort already visible before, and he intercepted them, disrupting all the rules of the politically correct?
What is "revolutionary" in Trump´s language, and why has he also been able to tell some uncomfortable truths about immigration and globalization?
The Age of Chaos. Before and after Trump, the populist movements and the growing charm of a Strong Man were founded in old Europe: Putin, Erdogan, Xi Jinping. And after Brexit in Europe, the elections in France and Germany offered continuous updates and variations on the subject ... 
The promises betrayed by globalization. It would have made us all richer, at least in the proclamations of the unique neoliberal thought. How and why has it become a leveler of North-South inequalities (Cindia) but at the same time, a fierce machine of impoverishment for workers and the middle class within our western societies?
Multiethnic society and its fragility. New York and California as positive models: however, they have not cured the fears of a "deep state" in America. Europe and the challenge of Islamic immigration. Why does the wave of arrivals from North Africa and the Middle East pose different problems compared to previous migrations?
Should we heal democracy, or give into authoritarian temptations? Did the thirties teach us anything?