director Giorgio Flamini
by and with the inmates actors, singers, dancers, playwrights, scenic designers, costume designers and Nobody of the company #SIneNOmine
and with Anna Leonardi, Diletta Masetti, Sara Ragni, Cristina Spina, Virginia Virilli, Miriam Nori, Antonella De Santis, Lucilla Rosi, Maria Segoni
the dancers Margherita Costantini, Serena Perna, Livia Massarelli
choreography Laura Bassetta, Mariolina Maconio
music Claudio Monteverdi, Fabrizio De Rossi Re
scene construction laboratory of scenography at restricted Artistic Lyceum 
costumes Sofia Verna, Pina Segoni 
make-up Pina Segoni
jewelry by Miriam Nori
texts by #SIneNOmine
and by Homer, James Joyce, Cesare Pavese, Anna Leonardi, Elisa Cappelli, Pietro Citati, Alberto Savinio, Luigi Beccafichi 
research and adaptation, text elaboration Roberta Galassi, Giorgio Flamini, Rita Cerioni, Luciana Santirosi
adaptation English-based texts English teachers and foreign inmates 
photographers #SIneNOmine Vincenzo Porfilio, Massimo Scognamiglio, Tania Agostini, Kim Mariani
promotional trailer and filming #SIneNOmine and Videomaker
service Opera 26 and technicians of Polizia Penitenziaria 
wedding dresses Angela Spose 
stagecraft and iron works made by Mof inmates with agents in charge 
performance supported by
Casa di Reclusione di Maiano di Spoleto,
IIS Sansi Leonardi Volta,
Fondazione Francesca, Valentina e Luigi Antonini  
under the patronage of Antigone Umbria Onlus

Nobody is the new work of the Company #SIneNOmine, as always entrusted to the direction of Giorgio Flamini, and constitutes the first part of a diptych that includes the show Victims as a second show, and the necessary conclusion of the first. Nobody is a distorted journey based on the Odyssey, whose exordium arises in the dusky glow of days spent in the περιπετειαι of the many Nobody-inmates, plummeting dizzily to its arrival in an Itaca, which is the same reality as imprisonment: an Itaca-Ade without light and without hope, whereby light and hope could be constituted by a return to the "possible-before" that is not to be hoped for, when the same "time-finished" is missing as a dimension of daily existence. Playing on the sloping plane univocally directed towards the absurd situation of a homeland that, far from comforting, traps and blocks until the end of time, Nobody narrates the endless possible adventures that, from one error to another, will lock up the subject until nailing him in the dimension of the sentence, placed every day in front of a resurfacing whose contours are not seen, in obliteration of subjectivity, of individual recognition, of reconstruction of a destiny. The show is inspired by some of the numerous Odysseys and the numerous Odysseys that have traversed Western literature, from the founding one, Homeric, to the melodrama, to contemporary typification: each of the Ulysses brought on stage is personalized, and even forced by the Actors-protagonists, and speaks of a segment of experience of these men-without-any-name, letting themselves be immersed in scenic visions usually expressionistically violent, as violent is the experience, of life and psychological, of the protagonists on stage, who basically recount themselves. As said, Nobody-Odysseus would make no sense, or would not make sense completely, if it was not already thought of in the light of Victims: and this is said because nobody should suspect that we want to talk about the punishment of the executioner without thinking that a punishment for the victim exists, because simplification does not belong to this Company, whose challenging job is, on the contrary, to open territories of reflection on the complexity, in-depth analysis, evading from easy and fearsome paths of common sense. This work would never have been accomplished without the enlightened willingness and collaboration of the Directorate of the Correctional Facility of Maiano, in particular the Director Dr. Luca Sardella, and the Penitentiary Police, especially the Commander Dr. Marco Piersigilli. As it occurs in such impressive works, thanks goes to the Personnel of the Directorate, the Penitentiary Police, and all the Educators for the organizational effort. Our gratitude goes to all the Actors-inmates, to all the inmates who remained "behind the scenes" for the fulfillment of the scenic project, the scenes, the screenplay, the makeup, the costumes, to all volunteers, to the professional actors and dancers, without whom the show would have been different from what it is. Immense gratitude goes to the "shepherd of peoples" director Giorgio Flamini.
Roberta Galassi, head of the Istituto di Istruzione Superiore Sansi Leonardi Volta          

Casa di Reclusione di Maiano di Spoleto
06 JULY 21:00
07 JULY 21:00
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access to performance restricted exclusively to an adult audience 
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