Cinema and the genesis of emotions

curated by Claudia Spadazzi and Elisabetta Marchiori
under the Aegis of Società Psicoanalitica Italiana

How are viewers’ emotions elicited while watching a theatre play, a movie or a TV series? Which neural functions are activated? What happens in their mind?  How and to what extent is it possible for viewers to get involved, even though they know they are just watching? The 5th Cinema and Psychoanalysis Review presents an event dedicated to the origin of emotions elicited by a performance. The morning session will focus on a neuroscientific and psychoanalytic explanation of viewers’ emotional and unconscious involvement while watching drama or films, with examples selected from different movies. The afternoon/evening session will feature some film screenings; each movie will be commented by a psychoanalyst from Società Psicoanalitica Italiana and discussed with the audience starting from the emotions triggered by images.