In its eighth edition, the Monini Prize "A Window on Two Worlds" has become a ritual appointment at the Festival of Spoleto. The name of the winner is not yet known, however, in addition to receiving the prestigious prize from the hands of Maria Flora and Zefferino Monini, according to script, he will appear at the window on Piazza Duomo to be portrayed by photographer Fabian Cevallos in an iconic gesture of the Festival. This is a tribute that the Monini Family dedicates to the founder of the Festival, Gian Carlo Menotti, where he appeared to greet his audience every year and that since 2010, when the Monini Prize was established, has been performed by great celebrities: John Malkovich, Adriana Kučerová, Claudio Santamaria, Mikhail Baryshnikov, Willem Dafoe, Tim Robbins, Juliette Gréco, Alba Rohrwacher.
In its final stages, there is also the selection of the name assigned to The special prize "A window on Two Worlds" that Monini dedicates to young artists present at the Festival every year in the wake of a tradition that has always seen the company support emerging talents.