Guido Guglielminetti double bass
Paolo Giovenchi guitar
Alessandro Valle pedal steel guitar
Carlo Gaudiello piano
organized by M&P Company
and Bipede Booking and Production
in collaboration with Spoleto 61 Festival dei 2Mondi

Francesco De Gregori, among the most important and committed singer-songwriters on the Italian "popular" music scene, makes a stop in Spoleto with a concert in Piazza Duomo within the ambit of his "TOUR 2018".
De Gregori will be accompanied on stage by Guido Guglielminetti on double bass, Paolo Giovenchi on guitar, Alessandro Valle on pedal steel guitar and Carlo Gaudiello on piano, a formation already experimented in the autumn on his tour around Europe and the United States but that represents an absolute novelty for the Italian public.
The lineup includes De Gregori’s great classics but also hidden jewels, songs "never been on radio" and songs rarely performed live in recent years. 
"I´m glad when the public recognizes a piece from the first notes - states De Gregori - but I also like that astonished silence that welcomes the less known songs. The beauty of a live performance is also this, the lineup should not be taken for granted, you have to shuffle the cards".


07 July
Piazza Duomo
gold sector numbered €70,00
first sector numbered €60,00
second sector numbered €48,00
first sector lateral numbered €40,00
first sector steps numbered €38,00
second sector steps numbered €25,00
standing room €15,00