original idea, stage direction & choreography Valérie Lacaze
original musics Anne Vadagnin

dancers and artists Rudra Béjart School
directed by Michel Gascard
other musics Mili Balakirev, Maurice Ravel, Traditional Russian musics, Astor Piazzolla, Ravi Shankar, Charles Chaplin, The bix Beiderbecke Story, Sigmund Romberg, Nino Rota

songs Claude Nougaro, Jean Jacques Goldman, Ray Ventura et ses collégiens, Tino Rossi, The Golden Gate Quartet, Jacques Prévert & Jeanne Moreau, Lucienne Delyle
costume´s creation Valérie Lacaze, Caroline Zanetti

My French Valentino’s copyrights are protected by ( Swiss Society of Artists)

While the silent-film superstar Douglas Fairbanks, in the role of the caped crusader, was making audiences shudder as he leapt from a balcony onto the back of a galloping horse, and Charlie Chaplin was making audiences roar with laughter by breaking social norms and conventions, a newcomer to the emerging world of Hollywood cinema, Rudolf Valentino, was generating a new phenomenon - mass hysteria!
Outside the studios women scream and yell his name, or sleep on the pavement in front of his house in the hope of catching just a glimpse of the star. Men are divided into two clans, openly taking sides and shouting insults at each other in the street, in restaurants, and in the workplace. Jealous husbands accuse him of not being a real man and spread sordid rumours of immoral behaviour.
In the world of silent cinema, the only name on everyone’s lips is Rudolf Valentino, the great lover!
Every day, mass media releases a new article about him.
To keep up with readers’ enthusiasm, newspapers publish stories devoted exclusively to Hollywood gossip – the beginnings of tabloid journalism!
 When he died of septicaemia in 1921, he was only 31 years old.
Scores of female admirers committed suicide, throwing themselves out of windows or under cars. Huge crowds of mourners smashed windows and doors, devastating the chapel where he lay in state.
In the nineteen twenties, what woman hadn’t dreamt of being taken and kissed by those glowing lips that reflected the moonlight, or being abducted, through no will of her own, by the handsome desert rider draped in a silk cloak?
Rudolf Valentino had literally invented the screen lover.
Thirty years after his death, a radio show attempts to solve the mystery of the identity of the woman in a black mourning veil who comes every year to place a red rose at Valentino’s grave.
Who is she? What is her connection with the last star of Hollywood’s silent cinema? Is there some secret lurking behind her anonymity?
As the story of this original creation unravels in three acts, the young Rudra Bejart´s dancers carry the audience along, inviting them to discover the dazzling existence of the beautiful Italian Rudolf Valentino: his early years as a dancer in pre-war Paris when the city was under the charm of Diaghilev’s provocative Ballets Russes; his departure for the United States in search of the American dream; and his extraordinary encounters in New York and Hollywoodland.
The original music composed by Anne Vadagnin, which has been brilliantly combined with popular music of the time and 20th- and 21st-century French chansons, is full of surprises and delightful.
With this new creation, the independent choreographer Valérie Lacaze is back working with the Ecole-Atelier Rudra Béjart, following the success of her Camille Claudel the Forgotten Bride in 2012 and Qualia or the Life of an Artist in 2013, which attracted audiences of almost 50,000 people worldwide.
The original choreography of My French Valentino, based on historical facts and richly documented, brings to life the golden years of the Belle Epoque and the Roaring Twenties.
Valérie Lacaze has also invited several Rudra School teachers as well as its director, Michel Gascard, to 
perform in this original dance work. It is a show full of emotion and humour that will appeal to all audiences.


The young lady in 1956

The russian ballets in Paris
Musics Mili Balakirev & Traditional russian musics
Diaghilev Michel Gascard

The teacher Vladimir Liakine

The Pianist Anne Vadagnin

Music Anne Vadagnin

Music Traditional russian musics 

Music Maurice Ravel

The parisian lover
Music Jean-Jacques Goldman

The streets of Paris 
Music Ray Ventura & adaptation of Svetlana Bally


Music Vincent Scotto

The repression 
Music Ora Sittner & Youval Micenmacher

The journey in America   
Music The Golden Gate Quartet & Anne Vadagnin

The manager   

Music Ravi Shankar

Music The Golden Gate Quartet


Music John Barry

The contract 
Music John Barry

The arranged marriage  
Music Astor Piazolla

Music Nino Rota

Natacha Rambova 
Music Poem of Jacques Prévert 

The paparazzis
Music Anne Vadagnin

Music Adaptation of Anne Vadagnin

The boxing match   
Music Claude Nougaro

The enigma’s revelation
Music Anne Vadagnin

Music Anne Vadagnin


28 June
Teatro Romano
gold area €40,00
central one seat €36,00
lateral one seat €32,00
29 June
Teatro Romano
gold area €40,00
central one seat €36,00
lateral one seat €32,00


He was trained by his mother, Colette Milner, at the La Rochelle Conservatory in France. Read
Valérie Lacaze is a freelance choreographer. Read