Al di là delle “prime” Colonne d’Ercole

The Sardinia of Atlantis,
the first centre of the world

Saturday 10 July H 15:00

Live-stream talk

A talk from the journalist and writer Sergio Frau
, Museum of Sorgono curator

The Atlantis of dreams sinks in the Atlantic Ocean. Unexpectedly, it reappears in the Mediterranean – the Island of Atlantis which 15 Greek authors claimed was the centre of the world. And so Sardinia, that sacred island, was born, split in two on the 40th parallel north,
the very first equator. And yes: without misleading maps everything returns to how it was… If indeed the “first” Pillars of Hercules (of which Pindar, Herodotus and Plato wrote between the sixth and third centuries BC) were originally found in the Strait of Sicily, everything must be reinterpreted. Unesco, the Accademia dei Lincei, and the Italian Geographical Society have said yes: the columns, before they were dragged to Gibraltar to update the new Alexandrian terrain, were first located in the Strait of Sicily, the frontier between the Greek and Phoenician worlds. Geography? Of course. But not only: that new cartography determined history. For twenty-two centuries all the testimonies of the most authoritative Greeks – who abandoned their original positions, searching beyond Gibraltar – have seemed like fantasies, mysteries, nonsense. And yet their stories about the “first” Columns in the Strait of Sicily now become a reality: one arrives in an amazing Sardinia, rich in everything, first paradise, then – because of the sea that betrayed it – a hell of malaria and abandonment… Reread the Ancients to investigate and believe.