Massimo Recalcati


Concert performance for voices and electronic music

Teatro Romano

Thursday 08 July H 21:30

Tickets: unreserved seat € 35



Massimo Recalcati

curated by

Valter Malosti

introduction by

Massimo Recalcati


Marco Foschi, Federica Fracassi, Danilo Nigrelli

sound design and live electronics

G.U.P. Alcaro

Produced by Teatro Franco Parenti / TPE – Teatro Piemonte Europa / ERT Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione

«Ever since my early twenties I have wanted to write about theatre. I was a true theatre lover. I lived and breathed theatre. Then, as often happens, certain events led my life in a different direction. During the first lockdown I started to write a play. As I wrote, I was surrounded by death».
Massimo Recalcati debuts as a playwright with Amen, a work which receives its world premiere at the Festival. Taking his experience of a Milan that was deserted during the pandemic as his starting point, the psychoanalyst, who plays the narrator, explores the inevitability of death and the human need to affirm life, adopting a narrative framework which contrasts an exterior “world” with interior time in continuous flow. Valter Malosti’s staging places human beings – first a child, then a man – at the heart of the work. But Gup Alcaro’s sound design and the voices of Marco Foschi, Federica Fracassi and Danilo Nigrelli are the real protagonists of the show, which takes on the form of a sound installation. «Amen», says Recalcati, «means “so be it”, “let it be so”, let life be alive, let death not have the last word».