La MaMa Spoleto Open

The Memoria Circle

    Thursday 08 July H 21:00

    Friday 09 July H 21:00

    Saturday 10 July H 21:00

Tickets: unreserved seat € 20


alla decadenza culturale contemporanea


Afshin Varjavandi
INC Innprogress collective


Giorgia Aluigi, Jenny Mattaioli, Chiara Morelli, Gioele Papa, Chiara Parretta, Emma Viceconti

Entering a sacred space, within an imaginary circle that interrupts the natural flow of time. Retrace your own history and the history of evolution, from nature to the machine, from the identity of the individual to standardization, from wood to iron. The Memoria Circle, takes inspiration and strength, moves time and travels through time, in a circular vision of existence.