La Leggenda dell’Olandese Volante

Auditorium della Stella

    Friday 02 July H 20:00

    Saturday 03 July H 12:00

    Sunday 04 July H 12:00

Free event reserved to students of Spoleto Elementary Schools

Family Show

From Der fliegende Holländer by

Richard Wagner

Compagnia Venti Lucenti

Scenic writing and direction

Manu Lalli


Daniele Leone


Chiara Casalbuoni, Gabriele Zini


Vittoria Frassinelli, Elisabetta Fratini, Manfredi Mariti, Maddalena Agostini

Olandese Volante Jungmin Kim

Senta Roxana Herrera Diaz


Giuseppe La Malfa
Children actors of elementary schools of the Municipality of Spoleto

Lo spettacolo rientra nella programmazione del Festival Rai per il Sociale

The show La leggenda dell’Olandese Volante is included in the programming of “Festival Rai per il Sociale” and was born with the aim of using the theater” to work with the children of the schools of Spoleto on the theme of environmental sustainability. It is now clear, in fact, how much there is still to be done to curb the irresponsible “predatory attitude of resources” of the planet.
A show, but also a school and city path, which will lead the children to the streets, in a ‘green’ parade to spread the idea that trees, and all of nature, are our greatest allies for the challenge that awaits us in the future. In fact, the Opera tells the story of blindness and the total lack of understanding of what the ‘limit’ is imposed to allow us to continue living on this small blue planet. The presumptuous Dutchman defies nature and loses: the storm sinks the villain’s ship, transforming him into a ghost forced to wander the seas in search of an asylum in which to repair his arrogance. But perhaps as in the Work, the time for awareness has come. The Dutch and humans can be saved “only” by love. A love, which teaches us that this little planet is our only, fragile home. And that it is not infinite, nor immortal. In legends, humans are frightened of the end times. Today it is the tortured planet that foretells the approach of that end. The earth calls us, its voice is a silent cry that tries to stem our powers over the world. Music guides us. The time has come to listen.