Piero Maccarinelli

Divina Commedia:
The First Day

San Simone

    Thursday 08 July H 19:00

    Friday 09 July H 16:00

    Saturday 10 July H 16:00

Tickets: unreserved seat € 35



Piero Maccarinelli


Massimo De Francovich, Luca Lazzareschi, Manuela Mandracchia, Fausto Cabra


Giorgio Armani

sound design

Franco Visioli

light and video design

Sander Loonen

in collaboration with

Fabiana Piccioli

Production Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi

Piero Maccarinelli brings the words of the great poet to the stage, exploring the Divina Commedia with total respect for the work’s hendecasyllable metre in order to communicate the meaning of the journey, “the literal sentence and the hidden truth”. Luca Lazzareschi is Dante, Massimo De Francovich is Virgil, Manuela Mandracchia is Beatrice and Francesca, while Fausto Cabra is Minos, Paolo, Ciacco and Pluto. Before the greatness of Dante’s language, nothing is treated as realistic: the characters do not have physical identities, and are presented as simple bearers of verses and words.
According to Maccarinelli: «Maximum attention will be paid to the language, even more so than the story, allowing for total comprehension as we try to overcome all semantic and lexical obstacles for a total understanding of the text read in its comedy dimension reminding us that, for centuries, Dante’s Comedy has been handed down orally».
The first day of Dante’s journey into the Inferno (depicted in cantos I to VII) forms the core of the show. Benedetto Croce wrote «we find ourselves in a forest that is not a forest, we see a hill that is not a hill, see a sun that is not a sun and meet three wild animals that are not wild animals». Fabiana Piccioli and Sander Loonen provide the visuals in this immersive show; Franco Visioli’s sounds, inspired by contemporary abstract artists who steer clear of visual cliches, demarcate the principle stages of the journey.