Leonardo Lidi

La signorina Giulia

San Simone

    Saturday 26 June H 20:00

    Sunday 27 June H 15:00

Tickets: unreserved seat € 35



August Strindberg

adaptation and direction by

Leonardo Lidi


Giuliana Vigogna, Christian La Rosa, Ilaria Falini

set and light design

Nicolas Bovey

costume design

Aurora Damanti

sound design

G.U.P. Alcaro

produced by Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria
in collaboration with Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi

With a theatrical gaze aimed at reinstating the primacy of the text, Leonardo Lidi won the 2020 Critics Prize of the National Association of Theatre Critics at just 32 years old. Lidi directs seminal contemporary works, deconstructing and recomposing them to reveal new and unusual interpretative insights.
After his productions of Spettri, Zoo di Vetro, Casa di Bernarda Alba, La Città Morta and Fedra, Lidi debuts at Spoleto with a new production of August Strindberg’s La signorina Giulia.
«I continue my exploration of the boundaries imposed by my own generation,» says Lidi, «aware that the concept of lockdowns forces audiences to reflect on the physical and mental limits of our existence on a daily basis.»
We see three orphans who live in a space where it is impossible not to bow to time, where life is more difficult than work, in an unwelcoming house whose inhabitants all want to escape from. Over the course of a night it becomes clear how this wait should be managed: by dancing, singing and losing oneself in oblivion, to block out the sound of silence. The show features a cast of young actors. «If in the macabre expectation of Endgame and Waiting for Godot the dead and the vagabonds must come to terms with nothingness, in Strindberg the children must come to terms with the impossibility of the future».