La SpoletoNorcia Trail-Experience

Festival dei Due Mondi Edition

Spoleto e dintorni

    Thursday 08 July H 16:45

    Friday 09 July H 8:30

    Saturday 10 July H 8:30

    Sunday 11 July H 8:30

The 64th edition of the Festival dei Due Mondi presents the first edition of La SpoletoNorcia Trail Experience, a sustainable initiative allowing for the rediscovery of this glorious territory by bike.
The route from Spoleto to Valnerina retraces the footsteps of nomadic shepherds, devoted pilgrims and hermits along Benedictine routes, amid the greenery and charm of ancient abbeys, lush valleys and uplands dotted with ancient fortified villages.
A thrilling guided tour enhanced by the splendour of the village of Castelluccio di Norcia and the masterpiece of railway engineering that is the Old Spoleto-Norcia Railway.

Event hosted in the Festival program and organized in artistic and economic autonomy.