Liv Ferracchiati

La tragedia è finita, Platonov

Auditorium della Stella

    Friday 09 July H 19:00

    Saturday 10 July H 19:00

    Sunday 11 July H 17:00

Tickets: unreserved seat € 35



Liv Ferracchiati

with scenes from Platonov by

Anton Čechov

with (in alphabetical order)

Francesca Fatichenti, Liv Ferracchiati, Riccardo Goretti, Alice Spisa, Petra Valentini, Matilde Vigna

assistant director Anna Zanetti


Francesca Pieroni

paper costumes and costume assistant

Lucia Menegazzo


Emiliano Austeri


Giacomo Agnifili

Reading assistant Emilia Soldati

Production Teatro Stabile dell’Umbria
in collaboration with Spoleto Festival dei Due Mondi

For the Festival dei Due Mondi, a site specific version of the show was designed for the Auditorium della Stella.

La tragedia è finita, Platonov is the latest work by the Umbrian director Liv Ferracchiati, who received a special mention at the Venice Theatre Biennale in 2020. Trilogia sull’identità established Ferracchiati as a leading light among theatre directors. With Čechov’s Platonov he directly, convincingly and touchingly approaches the protagonist of a classic work.
His contemporary vision of the role of the characters is also an exploration of the role of classical texts in today’s theatre. «Platonov, as a dramatic text, always read rather than represented on stage, has been a new encounter for me,» says Ferracchiati. «I took refuge in the inaction of Platonov, in his paralysis between attraction and repulsion, between fear and excitement, in his passivity and shirking. In the way he does not choose between the four women that offer themselves to him, as if each one could provide a solution to his existence. Not choosing because, in the end, you can’t. How can you choose only one possibility?». In the show, Ferracchiati himself reads the text, in an ironic, illuminating dialogue between himself and the Russian author, which acts as a counterpoint to what we see on stage.