Flora Détraz

Muyte Maker

Teatro Caio Melisso Spazio Carla Fendi

    Friday 09 July H 16:00

    Saturday 10 July H 16:00

Tickets: stalls/box € 35



Flora Détraz

with the performers

Mathilde Bonicel, Inês Campos, Flora Détraz, Agnès Potié

set and costume design

Camille Lacroix

light design

Arthur Gueydan

sound design

Guillaume Vesin (replaced by Claire Mahieux)

artistic collaboration

Anaïs Dumaine

Production PLI
Coproduction CCN de Caen en Normandie, direction Alban Richard (Fr), Ramdam-un centre d’art (Fr), Relais culturel des Pays de Falaise (Fr), Pact-Zollverein (De), La place de la danse CDCN (Fr), Le réseau des Petites Scènes Ouvertes (Fr), Alkantara (Pt), in the frame of DNA-departures and arrivals european network.
Studios Espaço Alkantara (Pt), O espaço do tempo (Pt), Les Eclat(s) chorégraphiques (Fr), l’Avant-Scène (Fr).
The project received the financial support of Région Normandie and DRAC Normandie.

Duration: 50 minutes

With a mix of medieval imagery, ancient poems, songs and grotesque paintings, Muyte Maker brings disobedient bodies to the stage.
Sensual, fun and energetic, this show is a tribute to the power of transformation and joy. Femininity is shown to be a force in continuous metamorphosis, while joy is presented as both physical and existential: a contradiction, and a state that transcends morality.
Flora Détraz, the young and talented French contemporary choreographer, has explored the relationship between voice and movement for several years, creating performances of fanciful polyphony.
In Muyte Maker four female dancers interpret pieces from the medieval and renaissance repertoire. Amusing, bawdy, satirical episodes explore the role of women in an archaic and patriarchal society.
The performers, mythological beings who constantly change, sing heartily, laugh polyphonically, dance blindly and create a cacophony of chatter, expressing physical complexity free of all constraints.
Muyte Maker is an ancient Flemish expression which means “mutiny”.
Is that therefore what we will see on stage?