La MaMa Spoleto Open

Unconventional Beauty
Stato di bellezze non convenzionali

Auditorium della Stella

    Saturday 26 June H 21:30

    Sunday 27 June H 21:30

    Monday 28 June H 21:30

    Tuesday 29 June H 17:30

Tickets: unreserved seat € 15

NOHA Dance Company


Omid Ighani, Marisa Ragazzo, Afshin Varjavandi


Marisa Ragazzo, Afshin Varjavandi


Davide Angelozzi, Sara Ariotti, Elda Bartolacci, Marina Branca Sperduto, Graziana Marzia, Sara Ongaro, Elisa Prati

The scenes of Unconventional Beauty follow one another in an alternation of rhythm and intensity between moments of contact and submission to a premeritaded and imposed social structure, allegory and provocation of the contemporary social system, overflowing with paradigmatic beauties, clichés, low ideals, and desire, some ancestral and sometimes conscious, wanting to affirm one’s own nature, naked and raw. But what is the intimate nature of man? To ask the question and to seek the answer are women, vulnerable, graceful, courageous, very different from each other, that with spontaneity and heart look for freedom, even with closed eyes: out of the labyrinths that the world often imposes. The dancers play, look for each other, influence each other towards one road to another, at times astonished themselves by how often social systems and orders constantly bring them back to conform and homologate. The story leads them tired and overwhelmed to a dream reality, where it is possible to dream of being what they are. But “the mind, lie” and perhaps the only way is the imagination, where everything can finally become an action. Certainly, a space of its own, a statement, a “we” achieved by conquering what we are in the depths of our essence. Below the surface. Beyond prejudices and conventions. Because beauty will save the world.