Mehdi Kerkouche

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After a childhood spent in television and pictures, a stage enthusiast especially of musicals, he began his career as a professional dancer before the age of eighteen. His experience as a performer confirmed his vocation as a choreographer. He shares this passion by teaching at Académie Internationale De La Danse (AID), Studio Harmonic, and Lax Studio in Paris. Since 2017 he has been expanding his company EMKA, a faithful mainstay of his projects, with the desire to "connect different bodies and styles through an energetic and poetic body language." During the first lockdown, his expressiveness and artistic strength earned him viral success on social media. In the fall of 2020, he is invited from Aurélie Dupont to to choreograph ET SI for the Ballet de'Opera in Paris, after which Chaillot - Théâtre national de la Danse hosted the third edition of its On Danse Chez Vous festival. from January 2023, Mehdi Kerkouche took over as director of the National Choreographic Center (CCN) in Créteil.