The Festival engages its audience in projects and appointments to learn the secrets of the event and its host territory.

Experience the Festival from protagonist.

discovering the festivalSPOLETO SECRETACONDIVISIONSGREEN CORNERThe festival is us Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of the Festival

Guided tours of theaters

Free of charge, reservations required

Raise the curtain and explore Behind the scenes with a guided tour of the theaters backstage. Walk through the stage spaces not open to the public and join to us in a unique experience in the tales of the history of Festival dei Due Mondi, accompanied by the workers and students of the Liceo Classico e Linguistico "Pontani Sansi Volta" of Spoleto. An immersion in the historical and artistic events of our theaters and a story about what lies in the moments leading up to a performance and the stagings that make it possible.

Meeting place: porch of the Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti.

‍Schedule of visits being finalized.


+39 0743 218620


Discovering the Festival

Review the history of Festival dei Due Mondi and the artists who made it famous.

A world from explore and remember through the display of costumes, posters, props, sketches and photographs from the period and the fundamental work of the artisans-artists without whom the Festival would not have achieved the international prestige that has distinguished it.

The guided tour winds through the exhibition halls of Via Saffi to continue through the scenery of Via dell'Arringo and Piazza Duomo, to Casa Menotti, home of the Documentation Center of Festival dei Due Mondi.
Meeting Place: Roman House, Via di Visiale - Spoleto

Calendar of visits being finalized

Duration: about 1 hour

Tickets: € 8

Info and reservations
+39 0743 776444

Spoleto secret and underground

Extraordinary appointments among history, beauty and tastings

to Edited byFriends of SpoletoOnlus‍Association.

Secret and Underground Spoleto invites to immerse yourself in an exploration of the hidden treasures of the Spoleto area, discovering the unknown beauty of this fascinating city. Embark on an exciting journey through history, art and authentic flavors, and be surprised from enchanting places far from conventional tourist routes.

Calendar of appointments being finalized

At the end of each tour is an aperitif with tasting of typical products and Trebbiano spoletino. Guided tours are offered in Italian and English.

Tickets: €15 to guided tour (€10 for members of the Friends of Spoleto Association)

Information and reservations

Friends of Spoleto Association ONLUS

Via Arco di Druso, 37 (Palazzo Leti Sansi) - Spoleto


Festival Box Office & Merchandising
Via Saffi, 12 - Spoleto

+39 0743 776444


Pathways to theatrical mediation

addressed to students and adults, which aim to prepare the viewer for viewing the performance, encourage their involvement and stimulate their critical sense.

to care of

Lorella Natalizi and Mauro Pietrini

Senior CondiVisions‍

Staying for the first time or simply returning to Spoleto during Festival dei Due Mondi is the way to become witnesses of beauty, conscious spectators of a city with a layered history to starting with its walls, streets, buildings and many theaters where art in all its many forms opens up to the viewer's gaze. CondiVisioni Senior is the appointment of every weekend for passionate and/or curious tourists. It will be an opportunity both to prepare for the viewing of the shows and to encourage the involvement of the participants and stimulate their critical sense, through a special promotion, where the spectators will have the awareness of being active and responsive users of the theatrical experience.

Participation in the "Senior CondiVisions" theater mediation meetings is free of charge.

Limited places - Registration required.

Schedule of meetings being finalized

Info and reservations
+39 0743 776444

Junior CondiVisions

CondiVisioni Junior is a workshop promoting pedagogical, practical and theoretical initiatives, run from theatrical mediators and arts professionals, a space and context that allows young audiences to become intelligent and responsible chorus through discourse, cultural and creative reflections around performances. Young people's curiosity is stimulated through playful-pedagogical interventions, in the anticipation of the artistic event, in the sharing of the here and now of the action, and in the after-view.

For the 67th edition of the Festival, the cultural mediation project is held in collaboration with the "Sansi Leonardi Volta" High School of Spoleto, which provides to meeting spaces and is reserved for students of the city's secondary schools.

Participation in the project and selected performances is free of charge.

For information:

+39 0743 776444


Green Corner

For a Sustainable Festival‍

Newsstands represent a staple in the geography of cities as gathering and reference points, identity places from reconsider in a positive way for social inclusion and integration of the urban fabric.

Green Corners were created to redevelop some of these unused newsstands and return them to the community as information and outreach points, with the aim of raising awareness and engaging the public on the issue of sustainable development.

The newsstands are run independently by local secondary school students, who will have the opportunity to acquire skills on sustainability issues, learning to understanding and adopting virtuous behaviors in their daily lives. They will also get to experience to direct contact with the public by working in groups and collaborating with other students, teachers and members of Festival dei Due Mondi.

The initiative includes a preliminary outreach activity. The project enables young participants to promote sustainable development within their communities and become actors in change.

For information:

+39 0743 776444


The festival is us

"Music is a game from kids."

The Festival meets the world of schools, encouraging exchange and confrontation with the performing arts thanks to the project The festival is us, now in its fourteenth edition and aimed at pupils from local elementary school with the intent of stimulating them to learn about the history of the festival. In this edition, the young participants, together with their families, will be introduced to the world of classical music through an artistic and educational workshop itinerary, carried out in collaboration with the Orchestra from Camera di Perugia, in which to combine music with other forms of expression such as art and literature.

The activities conducted in the classroom during the school year will conclude with two musical performances, a preview of the Festival, that will guide young listeners and their families to discover two masterpieces of the musical repertoire:

  1. Saturday, May 18 at 4:30 pm Histoiredu soldat by Igor Stravinsky
  2. Sunday, May 19 at 4:30 pm Dreams...of a Midsummer Night by Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy

During the concerts, there will be a presentation of the works made by the students to the public and citizens.

For information

+39 0743 776444


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