Imany in piazza Duomo and Sharon Eyal at Teatro Nuovo: two great artists for the second weekend of the Festival

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Imany in piazza Duomo and Sharon Eyal at Teatro Nuovo: two great artists for the second weekend of the Festival

Spoleto, June 30, 2023 - With the first week of the Festival now behind us, great new artists are about to take the stage at Festival dei Due Mondi. Israeli choreographer and dancer Sharon Eyal debuts today at at 9 p.m. with her new creation Into the Hairy, premiering nationally until July 3 (at 19, at 16, at 21). On the stage of the Teatro Nuovo Gian Carlo Menotti dances her company L-E-V (Hebrew for heart), one of the most curious and original groups of the new Israeli generation, founded with partner Gai Behar, with whom she also signs this show. As with all Sharon Eyal's work, costumes are an integral part of the artistic creation, and in this case they are made from Maria Grazia Chiuri for Christian Dior Couture. Debuting is a collaboration with electronic musician and producer Koreless, among the most influential musicians and producers of the new generation. In a mix of contemporary, ambient, garage or trance, Koreless' music moves between dubstep and soulful electronica with a strongly recognizable identity that also sees consecration this year at Sónar in Barcelona. A former dancer with the Batsheva Dance Company and muse of choreographer Ohad Naharin-whom Spoleto audiences applauded in the formidable show Decadance in 2016-Eyal defines her alchemy this way: "As far as I'm concerned, mental fitness, physical commitment and dance technique are one and the same. When you are exhausted, when your muscles are like on fire, emotion rises to the surface and it becomes impossible to pretend or construct a speech. One can only be in the present. "The source of the movements," Eyal says, "must necessarily come from from me, but I like to see how they are translated and transformed by my dancers. I look for something that, from choreographer, I can find new hooks with, and that I love, that inspires me."

The extraordinary voice of Imany, stage name Nadia Mladjao, stars in Voodoo cello (Piazza Duomo, July 1 at 9:30 p.m.) a project in which the French singer, accompanied from eight cellos, reinterprets iconic pop music hits.

According to journalist Ernesto Assante, Imany "is not content to reread the repertoire of the greats, but has the ambition to be able to "rewrite" them, to bring them inside her world, her language, to redraw their contours without ever betraying their nature or inspiration. Imany not only succeeds to in capturing the attention with her vocal talents but also brings the listener to "rediscovering" the songs they already know because they are "reimagined" for a completely different musical structure. Each of her concerts is a different experience, because Imany expresses her "faith" in music by constantly changing, leaving no stone unturned, turning each performance into an experience from to share with others, in the name of music, mutual understanding, love and art."

Imany on stage embodies a voodoo priestess, an inspired character to a wide variety of cultures, who through music and songs tells her own story. Her destiny, which begins in darkness and ends in light, brings her to an inner peace achieved through to dances and rituals that free her from her own demons.